Look over the fence, right across the Atlantic

British People had it with EU style social economic meddling, promising the moon and delivering more problems and pains. No more of a socialistic/corporate chimera.

They want out of an amalgamated Europe, they had enough of socialist tainted government sponsored ideas which people have solved in simpler ways long time ago. If an area has fallen behind to deliver satisfactory prosperity to its inhabitants the fault should not be seen in the people themselves or even their number. To point fingers in that direction is to divert attention away from  what needs to be examined closer.

Prosperity, trade and a maximum of freedoms go together and are archived virtually on its own. The cart is being upset if it is loaded up with greed, ideologies and government interference. Even if the latter tries to correct the former factors.

People in governance do not produce, this is not their realm and decisions made reflect this. You can see this on the lower level of governing where producing  members of the community may hold elected positions to represent local interests and have demonstrated restrains.  Pictou County before they got drunk on relative lavish tax income and subsequent overspending based on real need  a good example.

The danger enters when representing and protecting interests are leading into governing for the sake of it and not being recognized and/or moderated. Good indicators are the visual outward appearances of edifices, attire and esteem; the increased distance between citizen and their elected representatives. Of course those delegated to look out over our interests love to be rulers, are ingenious to create and expand services, add departments, write more laws and love higher budgets. This is an almost devilish cycle, if not curtailed and pruned constantly, the main reason for turning serving communal needs into organization like the EU Moloch.

Now Pictou County is not the EU, not even like any part of the UK but the elements used by those in charge and well groomed through NGO lobby causing havoc are all too obvious to overlook.

What people in Pictou County and Towns need will not be accomplished by amalgamation, it simply can’t happen . More of the same and  hoping for better results with a modus operandi unchanged is just that, hope…..


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