Plenty of money to distribute MOU Propaganda, but about the real money issues nobody talks

After you read this article please try this excellent article dealing about money issue, and I mean big money issue Where is the money Mr Mayor, Mr Warden and all you knowledgeable counselors? It will make your blood boil once you grasp this rip off since 1975 to the tune of over a Trillion dollar accumulated.   Or about 75 Millions for 2015 alone in Pictou County, about 2 expensive Wellness centers worth last year, or about $1725 per Canadian last year alone. To remove this kind of spending power from any area makes a huge difference in Prosperity and well being in any community. Please wrap your mind around this issue, learn what can be done about it and pressure your elected members municipal, provincial and federal.But kid you not, even Mr Ivany as most other financial gurus prefer to keep silent. Any official voice not addressing this problem is a hypocrite and giving you smokescreens instead.

Another MOU propaganda piece in the mail box, more unsubstantiated promises and claims and of course fear mongering too. Let us analyze how propaganda works:

“Residential” Tax savings resulting from annual Amalgamation, super can I please get this as a signed and valid promissory note, no banking on hollow promises! and how about Business Rate savings, after all Amalgamation is supposed to attract more Business to Pictou County (btw, just learned that another Business throws the towel in New Glasgow). To use a word like evidence is appropriate after the operating years have passed and all pea-counters have done their accounting, auditing and reporting not before in hope of.

And now this funny mathematical rope walk.

Wow a whopping 0.546 pennies off the tax rate at about 1 to 2 bucks per 100 assessment is like being under the Max Highway speed limit by a few steps per hour or the rounding up or down on your tax bill. What a crock general reducing residential taxes; where did that happen in the past somewhere? How about declining suppressed real estate market prices or better fair depreciation consideration on nicely camouflaged wood stick and chip-panel buildings.

If we want to progress, this whole concept of taxes on property like expensively build and financed buildings should be abandoned altogether.We do not even have the right to real ownership as our constitution omits this.


How much of the collected taxes goes for ongoing assessment updates and administration on the various levels?

mouuuIMG_20160518_0001The plan calls for..paper is long suffering and what has been written on it is and will stay fiction until it substantiates into reality; to give those statements credence is to believe an alcoholic he won’t touch spirits….

Now the scare and fear mongering “we need to be concerned about”

  • Health professionals leaving, services reduced  who and how did this situation become concerning, no oversight, no foresight planning,  no clue by those who administrated? I am sure enough plum-jobs for those connected>> it is not what you know but who you know >> (one of the mantras in Pictou County), this will get worse. No amalgamation can fix and change what is not really wanted, just a nice topic to divert attention to implement other agendas, folks.
  • School closures;     again foresight and smart planning not part of the past administration with not much indicators that this may change, if trends cannot be foreseen perhaps more realistic observers are needed, again”true experts” have steered the ship onto the rocks.
  • lack of business    is a to be expected response of adherence to a failed economic paradigm, the willful blindness to correct flaws and outright draining communities of money, 101 of financial theories seems to be  a book with too many words, data to read for those who pretend to be leaders. It is not the duty of community governance to provide or attract businesses in a promotional mode; it is their job to create  a climate for businesses to sprout and prosper not to rip off but to support the working members and by extension the whole community. Freedom is the prerequisite to enhance business climate, not “FreeTrade”, “free loans and grants” and other free goodies distorting the business space. As a retired entrepreneur I learned  not to expect too much local goodwill but be prepared for backstabbing if not part of the inner circles, and unbelievable ignorance and surprising low abilities and appreciation. Some of the MOU sponsors are known notorious exploiters and hypocrites themselves as I personally observed and witnessed.
  • Declining population and more expensive services;   if we want an elected system to help our life and existence and that should be the only reason for such, any size population is the right size. It is pure hypocrisy to on one hand foster and demand larger population, screwing up social interconnection, standing by if inequality, poverty, crime and many more ills concentrate in an in-homogeneous mass society within a cancer-like growth and and then fall for fable motivated call to curtail CO2 , “greenhouse gases” and climate changes and other eugenics motivated shenanigans. It does make a difference to enjoy living in a community away from bigger is better,  with today’s possible system to promote prosperity even made easier.  There is no mathematical formula to show that a certain number is the right one since an incapable system will always lag behind and clamor for more people to hide its inaptness. Besides services if wanted should be exclusively on a pay as you need bases with only a few exceptions. Political correctness has run amok to install and operate financially unsustainable programs in regards to social and “safety” expectations with a screwed up value to price ratio. The claim that governments actuality run people farms is polemical but it is close to the truth. I.e. just to understand the debt-collateral aspect is enough to see the extend  of truth.                       Of course managing any number of peoples big or small as trustees, like the relationship of people to government amounts to, needs educated and respectful leaders not buffoons with ideas as found and witnessed among those pushing for amalgamation. This award of New Glasgow being one of the worst towns to live in did not precipitate by an odd storm but enough indicators to trigger this judgement  Promoting and help sponsor “Pride parades” may be hip by those who left reality but not really ads to have offspring.
  • Lack of coordinated economic development    by its very definition Business and Government are two different ideas  both only needed to serve the people. The closer and the freer the transaction can take place the better. Market forces will find its balance if governments and law concentrate on the roll of creating and protecting a space as determined by civil law. Commercial law has the potential to upset this balance and allows excesses to flourish in fact promoting a lopsided playing field.    The quest meddling to attempt a semblance of fair business by Governments with a clear bias against their own citizen does not produce good results. Just look at this recent article in the NG paper about a certain individual serving decades promoting Business in Pictou County which no lasting positive outcomes, or why is this reason for amalgamation? My personal take is that it appears that certain interests are more in tune to maintain a system of conflict and scarcity than to develop this rich country into something positive for people, long term.As long as we  Canadians as a Nation and individual are not truly independent and the lawful owner of this place no lasting and balanced development will take place. Canada is a possession and you are not in it as Carlin said.

I know many disagree, that’s why they will have this problem around their neck until the cows come home. To wake up and see beyond is hurtful, do you dare?


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