Another MOU (District 7 Alma) meet which wasn’t, but it revealed the truth about MOU style governance, stopping it we must, watch the video in “reply”

disqaThings can get out of hand, yep and animosity can build  up to the point of name calling. This shouldn’t happen but apparently it did. It is no secret, and anyone watching must have gotten the fact that the MOU troupe is being directed to push this ugly Amalgamation thing through no matter what. This time David P. a senior Councillor in all his rights got slapped in his face, and by extension all of us who prefer democracy over the rule of a few. Meeting called and advertised, meeting called off , meeting called back on , some official leaders of the MOU commissariat invited, but no show

Clr Dave Parker provided this backgrounder statement which shows once more how biased and heavy handed the MOU commissars are, forcing their way with virtual no desire to entertain opposition; by what power? their ego, their bias, their being  enthralled by an agenda I am sure they don’t even understand.

Front page                        Back page


… . well a contingent of Yes Sayers were on site, including a well known Lawyer going full out to witness his unshakeable loyalty to progress through amalgamation; he didn’t score too many points in this auditorium of the Alma Northumberland Regional High School. Not clear is his role and support of the Pictou County own NGO organization called PULSE Pictou  or something like that, but here they were and defended what a MOU head honcho should have done.. Resonance was very modest even with a DR. of dentistry entering the arena  offering platitudes  and detail questions on how the chairs of a sinking Titanic are best arranged and hope dies last. I doubt she took some economics 101 lessons or why State-ism blinds even the educated ones.

Turnout was super, question asked the typical average from how snow removal gonna be changed to what money goes where.. For all financial data  a good resource in the person of Brian W. handled things with not too much problem, even  questions of the Titanic Chair variety.

Most readers of this blog, unless they are starting to fall into mid-phase sleep, hunching over their keyboard in front of the display screen, yes I am one of them, know by now that my view is not limited to the boundaries of Pictou County. No, I am bilingual + and follow events, developments and of course outcomes in a wide circle of world nations and countries. And boy  (girl), there are things  happening which should wake you up.

The very telling picture of politics and economics as a function by country is basically as absent in the minds of (too) many Pictonians as decent employment to a large portion  of those in about the same proportions. And it seems in the ranks of those who have it made in this part of the world too.

This in mind, I tried to get clearance to speak about some major issues unknown, but way more important than the number of counselors and their cost to have around, some prior experience teaching me that not all can be said without a being  cut short experience. Anyway the nice gentleman in charge was not too keen to facilitate real free speech and rather trying to keep this meetup on a small gauge track..

Too bad, because if we do not open our minds and keep fishing in our depleted trout pond with only suckers to hook, then good night Pictou County. I’ve seen “not”-development agents and agencies for several decades now and nothing much to show here, even guided by “capable hands” not bringing in good catches to most locals.

Well, who am I as Professional with two degrees and some international life experience to try suggest some other points of view and more.

As I see it, Canada has been traumatized, and ample proof exists, by three major events in those years between 1974 and today and my blog’s scribbles touched on those and will continue.

Pierre T. in 1974, Brian M. in the nineties and Harper/Trudeau junior very recent and now, if you still have no idea get reading here and follow up with your own research proving any word of it. I will eat every printed word on paper (with Ketchup LOL) in your presence if you can prove me wrong, and I mean it.



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