First you say the A-word, then the F-word and in the end you are f….. !

You favor Amalgamation, you really do?

What does Amalgamation do?

Yes you are right; it increases Government size, fewer rule but with more power, and you have less say!

1297805435791_ORIGINALOh you say, Government is on my side and will take care of us. Well do you believe in Santa Claus or the Easter bunny……………

But what else is accomplished when amalgamating several smaller units?

Yes you are right again, it creates a bigger organization, more assets,   larger needs and project sizes and you know what, way larger debt capacity and likely way better credit rating too,  dear friend.  Cui bono? do you smell the rat or still believe in the imbecile rule that more of the same will improve governance?

May be Free Trade is not on most Pictonian’s horizon, not yet but will be and amalgamation makes those Corporations salivate,  you know those prefer big fish with  larger assets as loan collateral and as you will find out, financial interesting morsels to be cut off in nice chunks to be sold off and leased back. Not new but in the works and done worldwide where people are trusting and sleepy.>>3P anyone?

Yes sold off, why do you think Government department, RCMP, Courts and other vital functions have moved from being civil entities serving their former sovereigns into commercial registered Corporations called agencies with staff to handle your matters not as an servant but as commercial sales agents, why did you think the land titles/deed  “migration” system has been introduced? to correct some flaws and update it to more modern standards? A new legal framework has been installed to facilitate future development you and me will not like, preparing the ground for easy transfer, legalities you probably are not aware of. Wasn’t the sale of Access Nova Scotia just recently talked about but sidelined for the moment?

In a human farm and this is being implemented one fence post at a time usage of interesting benign new-speech words like “migrating”, “sustainable”, “governance” is important to cloak true intentions.  Just listen to your elected spineless members and change-agents in TV, Radio and Press.

Governments (not just in Canada) in essence have been intentional since 1974 loaded up  with virtual in-payable debts. At the same time our being or status, capacity as civil citizens, or the illusion of it as the legal term “person” indicates, has been morphed essential into an asset, a thing or matter. Or can you show me the constitutional right of private property as your possession?

No, we are all assets, our birth-certificates (your expected value to the state during your lifetime) hypothecated as collateral and traded as bonds, yes you are bonded to any law, act, status in servitude and trained to accept and find this normal and lets not forget to pay up the outstanding debts. This is called state-ism and  the law recognizes certain behaviors or very interesting the not objecting to some tricky questions and doings as consent to be bound to most of those, in fact commercial laws (Maritime, Admiralty, UCC etc).

So if your community is being finally and in all aspects transformed into a purely commercial corporation, sold off, services commercialized and you are footing the bills, your personal assets will be stuck/bonded to this not anymore civil  organization like assets of any other Corporation like COCA COLA etc. and in case of default or to pay up mounting debts most of those interests and compound interests loaded, directly put on your shoulders. Who else is on the line? Why do you think that so called Government agents and  Politicians are not liable for their actions, please ask those?

This is nothing different than communism.  Unless you have slept under a rock you know that global capitalism is a coin with two sides, both shown in this statement.

If Governments gone astray, would take over and introduction plain communism (not uncommon in recent history) they would have  a tough stand to convince populations and need (bloody)force, but you are more worth alive in most cases. Remember GI-JOE’S you played with, conditioning your mind to accept militarized police today and not thinking about it? Far fetched? for crying out loud you think NG needs an armored Police tank? Just foresight of those who pretty well know the reaction of peoples if the find out who sold them out. Peter’s gift as former Minister of Defense, wasn’t it?, but  he himself took cover in his prime years for being a political figure. What does he know to make him duck?

But those who follow this agenda and implement this development as the very life goal of their psychopath minds, and we are talking here about a small but still very influential group and many willing participants and change agents (many of those not even aware of their capacity in this game) moving stealthily  ahead.

The influence of those is omnipresent wherever high politics and corporations withdraw into secret meetings and pompous  global meeting (G7, G20, Bilderberger, UN think-tanks  and many more).

All Free Trade negotiations and Treaties are accelerators to transform and speed up the global changes, Amalgamation being a relative small but important element in this.

To do all this,  certain powers modified the direct Marxist approach to weaken societies, grab power and install totalitarian systems under control by large intertwined corporations, worldwide connected banking conglomerates, RC church, especially Jesuits, certain other religions and their numerous  (ground floor) networks even more plentiful here in Pictou County as well paying companies, even calling their influence realm “Jurisdiction” ???.

You may have heard the term “Cultural Marxism”, “March through the institutions” or their original scholar breeding ground “Frankfurter Schule” , Fabian Society, etc etc . Google it and do not take my word for it. Those have undermined basically our whole society and formed it into a more easy to conquer and changed system.  We now can observe the harvesting phase as many things morph from bizarre to neo-feudalistic. Just watch and think…many articles in this blog will help you to understand the extent of this.

This video below can only give you a glimpse but there is still opportunity to find way more to convince you that things have gone totally wrong;  just watch those YES amalgamites! Yes Amalgamation fans  are learn resistant to say the least, I personally tried  to massage their grey cells; but if the right and the left brain halves are not balanced by their genes, life circumstance or plain blessings of higher understanding, time seems to be wasted…right Jim, but it took me ages to learn, see and cross-reference what is actual happening.


Try to understand why you got to get up to speed being aware of what goes on around you or prefer to stay a “Social Progress Parasite” as Stefan Molineux points out in his style.


Now please don’t tell me you are still in favor of Amalgamation, and trust those spineless political caste with your hope for a better future.



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