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Local governments not in pace with change: poli-sci prof Article by Sueann Musick NGNews.ca May 04, 2016

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Nova Scotia is behind the times when it comes to amalgamation, says a professor of political science with St. Francis Xavier University.

Dr. Jim Bickerton said Monday there is a movement across Canada and throughout the developed world that sees fewer municipal governments and more consolidated governments.       
“It is tied to the changing character of economic development and local level development responsibilities and that leads to a need to be more rational,” he said.

Yes he is absolutely correct and it is called Globalization or in alternative news NWO (New World Order) A global centralization of large corporate powers, converting all governing bodies away from civil entities into marketable “Government Agencies”, mega money, nefarious Agendas like Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius,  Agenda 2030 etc and diminishing and eliminating democratic influence from the people of this world. More power to those who have it will press the last drop of energy and value out of mankind and earth’s resources.  It is more rational to do it wholesale and amalgamation is an important tool as are some more developments you can find if you look. There is even a monument to remind the elites to what extent we are allowed to exist or in other words how many need to be disposed of. Remember we have over 17 000 000 000 people living right now on earth  DEAGEL   (compare Population now and anticipated in 2025) and  Georgia Guide-stones

In Nova Scotia, he said, the amalgamation of Cape Breton’s municipal units is similar to Pictou County’s proposed amalgamation because the two areas have common histories and rich backgrounds in coal mining.   Irrelevant!

Bickerton said there was no “economic miracle” for Cape Breton when it amalgamated, but the best form of government was put forward to adapt and manage every situation in the region.                                                                                                                                      What a lame argument; prosperity has one important prerequisite  which is FREEDOM, no we do not have freedom, not if you are conscious  and awake. The applied economic paradigm is not working anymore; we are on the end of this wealth creation by growth paired with a FIAT money system model.  Even if the  keynesian model  would have been applied as it was postulated, the criminal introduction of a debt-money system  and fascistic corporate to governance connection rendered this agglomerate  into what it is today. Its end is as history clearly shows  devastating and deadly, as the wars and economic cycles  bear witness.    

He said there will never be a complete agreement that amalgamation worked for areas of HRM and CBRM, but it is important to look at the long-terms benefits rather than the short-term savings.                                                                                                                                      Again this is an irrelevant statement, long or short savings are not assured at all!

“Any rational analysis of the situation would ask how many politicians and service departments do you need for 50,000 people?” he said, adding the current model of government is based on an older economy that included many coal mines.         Rational in what sense? Amalgamation as proposed will bring a new model, less democracy than we have now – better?

“Times have changed and we haven’t kept up with the change. In 1973, they recommended this, more than 40 years ago, and no action has taken place.”

Amalgamated governments create efficient and rational local government that clearly share a common fate, he added.

“They are all tied together so what benefits one, benefits the other.”

Here typical Hegelian Dialectic     problem>reaction>solution

He said the fear of a loss of identity cannot undermine the prosperity for the entire group, but people would probably be more accepting of change if there were better economic growth in the area rather than long-term decline and stagnation.

Now he sidelines the argument with another issue and jumps into another if >>then statement. Where are your ideas Prof? more of the same?

The Ivany report clearly states change must be embraced, he said, which has been a trend across the country. He said municipal governments have amalgamated across the world and Nova Scotia is out of step.      Mr.Ivany has said a lot of things, all beautiful but the most important issues he clearly didn’t touch at all. Nova Scotia is out of step alright, but amalgamation is the least of the problems, stop the hypocrisy Prof, talk the truth and nothing but the truth, not lining up to push an agenda people neither want nor benefit from, and you know it.

“It’s shameful really that our provincial government is unwilling to take a leadership role in this situation,” Bickerton said, adding that the debt will get so bad for some that amalgamation will be inevitable.

 Here we have it, guilt tripping and letting the cat out of the bag!  Are you a cultural Marxist Mr.Prof, I got to know them myself and their methods have not changed. I bet, you know what is in the plans for common man, but it fits the paradigm of a new future cooked up with those sciences which are neither exact nor benevolent to mankind and their philanthropic eugenics behind the scenes. “..unwilling to take a leadership role in this situation” said as negation is setting you up to what is going to happen, even if a NO  vote is supported by the Pictonians, mark my words.. Me Bickerton does not address the real issues, where he does he reflect his biased view.   Poor show for a Professor

Lincoln said “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.”


  • Mel Cowan
    May 05, 2016 – 09:06

    WHAT DOES THIS SO CALLED PROFESSOR/DOCTOR KNOW HE DOESN’T LIVE HERE! VOTE NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. AND WHY DON’T WE HAVE HAND DRYERS IN ALL THE PUBLIC BATHROOMS! THEY ARE SO MUCH MORE SANITARY THAN PAPER TOWELS ! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT                                                                                            He speaks what he has been taught, political science is not an actual science but a belief system reflecting changes some powers would like to establish

  • Do your research
    May 04, 2016 – 23:40

    What is really shameful is that this so-called expert doesn’t address the complete shambles that amalgamation has caused across Canada and the world. Talk about not doing his homework … There are better answers, and they don’t come from a one-size-fits-all rationale. They also don’t come from a top-down, forced merger. Has he not read anything about the topic?                  Oh, he has and I bet he knows exactly but his soul is being sold to an agenda of those paying him. If the elites and those doing the governing are truly interested to improve they could do it in a short time, but this is not in the interest of those owning this part of the World.


    • Do your own research May 05, 2016 – 10:09

      Perhaps take your own advice and do your research on Dr. Bickerton. You may be surprised to know that he has written numerous books on redefining government in Nova Scotia, Politics of Regional Development, etc. A quick google search of the “so called expert” may give you some indication on the level of knowledge this man possesses on topics such as this. I for one respect this man’s opinion and could not agree more with everything he has said in this interview! Thank you Dr. Bickerton for your well researched insight on this issue.

    • It is not relevant if or how many books he wrote, neither his vast repertoire of facts and knowledge, his good looks or likeability by the ladies, the important thing is what he does with it. He clearly follows an agenda any freedom loving being cannot subscribe to, if he does not educate about the underlying problems in our today’s society his utterances are not only useless but preventing listeners to further search and get to a better understanding. As a Professor even in an obscure “science” like political he has a duty to recognize and speak the truth, not act as a change agent to further agendas.
    • opinion May 05, 2016 – 10:37

      Who confronted him to do this letter, the Steering Committee. There have been expert after expert, and I for one like the presentation last night in River John, done by the No side. He talked in our language, and I think everyone walked away knowing more than what was put forward at the Steering Committee.     We are faced with monumental changes, and those pushing for it are well aligned, ready to strike, individuals, NGO’s, Businesses and other sponsors.

    • Do your research         May 05, 2016 – 13:55

      I would say that “numerous” is a bit of an exaggeration; most of his work on regional government since the amalgamations of the mid-90’s seems to be essays only. You know, it can be difficult to write non-subjectively, and it’s up to every reader to read critically and make up his or her own mind. Of course you agree with everything he says; your mind was already made up and his comments supported your opinion.       It is indeed difficult to form a balanced but also critical mind, since main stream news are biased, omitting, twisted and often plain repeated lies, always ask  “Cui bono”

    • Do your research May 05, 2016 – 14:35

      DYOR, here is a link to research done by the Fraser Institue that is “a cautionary tale” based on statistics for the results of the slew of amalgamations that took place in Ontario in the 90’s: http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2668003801 … I challenge you to listen to it; it will take only six minutes of your time. 10-4

    • Troll Captian May 05, 2016 – 16:58

      Pictou County seems to be a real up and coming troll hotbed! Keep up the good work with all your community destroying! Look up all the studies! There is no good idea that doesn’t have a way it can be destroyed. It’s been proven. Those who believe good ideas are just biased because they want to believe good things. The nerve! No good ideas for Pictou County I say. They didn’t need them in the old days and now they failed to get a list of all the bad ideas from the people first. Those amalgamation people are from here but they really are not like us. Research always helps to figure things out, not blind belief

    • Hodgson j May 05, 2016 – 19:21

      He knows a lot actually he taught me in many political science classes, I gained much knowledge about governments and how they work. So in my opinion and I imagine most stfx students would agree he DOES know what he’s talking about… Over 13 years of university education and teaching I’m sure he knows!

  •           This is not the issues, knowledge is not questioned, his reaction and doing is the key, again cui bono…I have been touched by Frankfurter Schule (school), google and this would help anyone to see, “march through the institutions” a treason to the common man
  • Diogenes Maclean May 04, 2016 – 22:17

    There we have it. Efficient and rational government. That’s the goal. Efficient for whom, business? Rational by what standard, the authors of the Ivany Report? Where are the citizens in all this? Where is representative government and democracy. Both are messy, have been since the Greeks. But we have fought wars to preserve it, now we will discard it to the efficiency and rationality of bureaucrats.   You got it, except about  the wars….it is a racket and we are the pawns..


    • JTJ @ Stellarite News May 05, 2016 – 20:09

      It is a sad day when a local newspaper ignores ethics and obviously takes a side on such an important issue. From the facts we are getting, we are so far behind we are actually ahead and there we should stay! RISE ABOVE THE OPPRESSER, VOTE NO MAY 28       You are right too, newspapers are owned by big finance don’t expect ethics, truth or other virtues


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