River John, small Town – big croud, solid spirit lets the Yes pack scurry

warden Defender of a bad idea, well rehearsed but no match to solid facts. I feel sorry for Ron, he was no match to the opposing speaker in the well filled Fire hall in River John.

Super participation of those whose existence and well being is on the block; good questions and feedback both speakers answered as their ability and/or bias permitted.

I noted  a large amount of  well used words and sentence segments used by someone without an academic background, be it with respectable seniority in his function to serve the Pictou County Municipality, while other MOU leader figures and financial (etc) supporters were present but silent and taking in sentiments. Except for one lonely  chap who tried to corner the leader of the ANTY side, obviously underestimating his own and that of Brian’s capacity, the audience finally punctuated setting him straight.                None of those Yes Sayers delivered any meaningful contribution and the core of those left soon, scurried like beaten dogs to go home.

But I felt sorry for Ron. He is documented to be early one of the main figures to push this dreaded amalgamation issue which is marked by a number of irregularities related to democratic process and procedure, interesting money ( $27 Mill) promises, large sums for consultants studies and sizable operating expenses and other shenanigans by  MOU and co-promoter .

I just hope for Ron that he is not involved nor setup to be the fall guy in other hidden dealings, as we well know parallels many political machinations. Why I say this? well just analyze the strategical elements, the set up, position and interest of participants, the moves so far, the values of gain or loss in this game, the possible outcomes and the sidelined treatment of the true sovereigns, that’s us friends. Any one thinking everything is out in the open, really..? Truth will be revealed eventually; and this will not be a pretty picture.

Just noted this STFX political science Prof today meddling, nice synchronicity…  read more here

This is not about making Pictou County more livable or create more jobs, this goes much deeper. Smart for those who can grasp imminent reality.

Opening Remarks – Warden Ron Baillie for ONE PICTOU COUNTY
Pictou, New Glasgow, Stellarton and Pictou County Amalgamation Hearing
Mr. Chairman and members of the Board, my name is Ron Baillie and I am the Warden for the Municipality of the County of Pictou. I have been asked to deliver some opening remarks on behalf of all Applicants including my colleagues in the Towns of New Glasgow, Stellarton and Pictou.
Mr. Chairman, I want to first thank you and your colleagues for considering the application for amalgamation, and thank everyone who is taking the time to participate in this hearing. It is an important part of the process and I want everyone – residents, in particular – to feel that their voices have been heard and will continue to be heard.
Creating a better future for the residents of this county is the main goal of our request for
amalgamation. We are pursuing a stronger, more efficient governance and operational
structure that is in the best interests of our residents and businesses. We’ve made a choice to lead change that will make our communities strong and sustainable, rather than being stuck reacting to inevitable challenges.

We can see the writing on the wall, Mr. Chairman. A declining and aging population, lagging economy, flat or declining tax base, and the need to attract investment are critical realities that must be addressed for Pictou County. Not doing so will make it increasingly difficult to provide the kinds of core municipal services that citizens deserve and expect. continued

Another thing I noted was a well equipped RCMP Officer (Peace officer or Collecting agent for Crown Corp ??) benefiting us with protection in case the Yes got mean towards the No’s or the other way around…LOL.                                                btw; did you know that communal protection services are one of the biggest items in budgets today?

I think he felt bored, so I handed him one of my small flyers that he might be entertained and learn a thing or two.

But highlight for me was to meet many of you and telling me that you are one of my readers.  A heartfelt thank you from me, that inspires since from my inside the blog I see only numbers what is read but not much more. Person to person contact is very much appreciated. Next step is to get you readers to comment, or bring in your own article to show the world, OK at least to Pictonians…

Thanks  Sib




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