I am sorry, but most of you have no clue about this…

…I know that, because I did my own polling  of a large enough sample and I am shocked how little most people know. Stupidity? or just Ignorance, voids in education?

Rough words, but forgive me, since the results are worst.   Whatever the reason the result opens the doors wide for corruption and undermining of our system increasingly failing the electorate  and any one living under this system.

stevecuttsOh, they are ready to vote for or against amalgamation with little or one sided set of information; more often than not never considered of  facts and reasons beyond this Pictou County etc  issue, which already bites but not recognized as to the why?

Our dear Counselors have been introduced to the sweet sounding words about green, sustainability and bound in a spell as you can find out researching their materials and propaganda  influence when those retreat in nice conventions and sponsored seminars on our purse. Those really think and push hard with their hijacked governance to restrict, redefine and remove our inherent rights. It can be said with honesty that they are in opposition to our interest and actively reshaping our world small here but also worldwide.

They seem so enticed to forget for whom they supposedly work, ignore their inherent obligation they swore to us the citizen and obviously willfully or brainwashed follow a different piper.

Of course they are the lower end of this chain of change agents to form this Globe into a place nobody with a right mind and ethics wants.

The very fact that those lower level representatives of us are not checked or reminded of their roll shows how the higher levels are in agreement and actually happy to have those patsies (and most are) do the dirty work and can point fingers when this becomes obvious even to the blind today. Same can be said about the federal level too who are so self gratified to sign away our rights and future – to what? to the benefit and agendas of huge, sponsored  by corporation institutions with no valuable credit to their name and absolutely no interest towards the common man. In fact the originators of our ills today.

Don’t take my word for it, do your own research and  goddamn wake up


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