The existing Paradigm is not sustainable

go with the flow, mmmhhh?

Sleep Eat Work Repeat.Sleep Eat Work Repeat.Sleep Eat Work Rep………….

I  came across this  a bit lengthy video but wish anyone out in cyber land, wherever that may be would watch it. Even in increments, rewinding a bit for each chosen segment .

Yes you may see some connections to amalgamation and other shenanigans but this is not the main point here.

It is for those who want to understand more than the details of today’s world problems. It is tremendously helpful to realize the numerous known or unknown events and developments around us in a kind of  super cross point connection in as many directions you may recognize..

It is about us, our mind  and how we perceive, rationalize or just gut feel. It is for those who unwittingly subscribe to beliefs, opinions and unconscious actions wrong or right to either question or confirm.

It is even for those who have absolutely no clou what this world and our problems are all about, it may not be easy for those whose existence and conscience  is in a purely physical world but will reward all those daring to start  feeling, thinking and understanding beyond.

It will elevate all those to see what they have not seen or realized before. If you feel fine and even entertained watching you indeed are stepping up, welcome …


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