onepictou in need for a sugardaddy, oh my god another MOU roadshow

You could feel it, those MOU-MOUs loosing ground, their artificial positive attitude melting like snow on a warm spring day.

Deputy Warden Thompson ruled while Denise T. had to do the swansong, a shorter version of what was reported presented by Debi W(click). but resembling  those Valkyries dragging the dead heroes to Valhalla.  I dont know what Odin would have thought but death and despair was in the air. O Wotan take the whole bunch, Pictou and us all may be saved and life can return if those incapable reflections of governance just drift away.

It was obvious,  the stress of riding a dead horse, a sufficient documented bad idea not making it if this would be a honest and real democratic process. But it isn’t and wasn’t from the outset. This lack of democratic integrity was noticed as vibrations still lingered after the meeting ended.

This is strange, when you look at this particular Councillor’s vita you can see  this man training was in political science with a bit of journalism to round things out. Work experience with CBC among other, and we know the kind of ideas you can infect your brain from those STFX folks there, controlling truth over at Chebucto Road .

Where did he got his lesson how a democratic  process should  look  or better was he taught how to overcome resistance to ideas he seems to cherish? Disrespect and how to control, here prevent debate? What did he learn in those holy STFX  political science halls founded and spirited by Jesuits?        The Jesuit Order(click) was created by Catholic Ignatius Loyola to work against reformation, in essence work against the common man and I am not sure if this has changed since their influence has been painfully felt.

You know these nice guys don’t you? All of those btw had one thing in common, and some more names  like lying Brian, McKenna etc  you remember?, could  be added ?

You guessed it , all those received their education in Jesuit Institutions, yes those Jesuits, their “black “pope and all. Even  Pope Francis according to their own tenants is illegally installed since Jesuits are not allowed in that function, but Ratze aka Benedict XVI  went through serious self and outside examination concluding to better keep his head out of sight.

This is a rotten club, sorry folks that is my opinion after careful observation and rational evaluation.

Why was this mentioned here? oh yeah  STFX  was this not also founded by exactly those calling now for New World Order, Agenda 2030, telling Europe now to open the floodgates  to destroy the last bit of “bad”white man. All higher Institution  of Learning are of course influenced by their founding ideals and those who carry on in that spirit. Depending on their present faculty the offered education, particular in real sciences could be absolutely free of any, lets call it bias. It would be naive to assume that in today’s post “Frankfurter Schule” age certain ideologies are absent, no a very strong affinity to this has contaminated many coming through these institutions.

Not yet in Canada?, wait and see!

How about this to substantiate what I just stated (click)

Unfortunately I think most of You may have no clue what this all about, but I smell a rat, their actions gives them away and it smells real ugly. And boy there are ambitions here, even socialists  like to sit on a pot of gold.

In the past Counselors especially in the rural district were solid men, prudent, upright and indeed committed to their folks, Pictou County just lost one, rest in Peace Ed.                    The kind of above education not too prevalent but taken their service to the community serious without nice enumerations and pension plan. Nor driven by hidden agendas.            For contrast check out the lobby propaganda supplied to today’s counselors by their Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities site.(click)

The whip follows and if not by  the actions  you could think he is atop of things, but he is like one of those commissars which push anything through if orders came down from the top. Barry and some old bones gate keepers were watching and must have been pleased indeed.

With an attention span of a 5 year old without their daily dose of Ritalin and a mindset of a Professional unsure about himself he had  no patience to entertain a topic, definatly not after some trigger words set his engrained reflexes in motion.

There is not only a void of what constitutes Democracy, worse yet his mind is closed  not able wanting to think outside his programmed algorithm which makes him a perfect match to do exactly that what he has been trained for and/or being picked to deliver. Sorry for those who expect progress in Pictou County and towns, this system is not designed to deliver.

Expect a leap but not to the good side. I will need to eat my words, but I think Amalgamation will be rammed down our throats!

If you want to evaluate a political scheme watch which peoples are installed to play and watch them playing.

The other main  player in this roadshow begging for sugar daddy/ies and lots of  investment money in their pocket sounded rather embarrassing  and please note who had to  convey it.

She will be on the trough too , but sorry dear you are runner up.  The  term head office could be heard where town hall would have been appropriate and working class , but any spoken words need to pass heart and mindset before being uttered, giving a little hint how neurons are connected in those who do not want to listen to us, the real source of renewable wealth and easily extricated, yes  State-ism needs sacrifices….

You are hard working go getter  I know that, but you are not professional indoctrinated, be happy because when this blows up it may look ugly.

One fact is obvious, this MOU undertaking has absolutely nothing to do with democracy or honesty and is definatly not transparent  the way we would like should to see it; this is more like apparatchiks beating an element of a larger agenda into existence, if people like it or not. This rigged game is guided,  supported and watched over by selected  patsies to dumb to understand or self made ignorant’s hoping to further their carrier plan, even if their life cycle is near 12 o’clock..midnight.

It won’t work since ignorance has blinded those even as important facts are in plain sight, unfortunately this can be observed among the general  visitors too. Resonance would be nice but for that the political understanding need to be tuned. And the forces to get this done asap had counted this into their machinations.

Yesterday the cut you off before  half is even said, today another news (Access Nova Scotia and more to be sold off!!!) of privatization etc, the stuff I am prevented to speak about.(click) The system is desperate and changes are coming in increasing shorter intervals.

They are broke in ideas, humanity and financially but holding the banner up high even so their workings have failed, failed utterly. But may be that is their plan all along

Those who unwittingly participate will notice when its to late,  agendas are real, easy to find when researched and will mean nothing good for Canadians. But be nice, dont ask questions, keep on  being sleepy , you going to wake up with a jolt.

.Active change agents are right in Pictou County their behavior gives them away, watch out and wake up people , this is fishy and it smell worst than the norwester to bring in the pulp mill  fumes….


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