Carroll Quigley, a blog interjection dedicated to all those Pro Amalgamists who believe without thinking, those who use words like “Negativity has got to stop”

….those who use the word “Negativity has got to stop”

or “I am writing on behalf of….NGO”???

well, why not write about what you see, can learn, understand yourself. After all it is your life, why not develop yourself and stop absorbing propaganda, eh!

If it is easy it is fake, solid food is for the mature but nourishing, guys.

Tragedy and Hope, you know what is coming?


I admit I never read the original  in its entirety either but it is important nevertheless. You need a major vacation for this huge master piece, so let somebody else present this important book to you.

The link brings you to a site where you may start reading in small increments until you get sleepy enough to shut off you bed light or enjoy Joe Plummer’s 101 Version

It has nothing to do with amalgamation, ups- it does, but that requires some desire of you to digest, contemplate and bounce your impressions back and forth among your friends. Dare to consider things in a wider circle.

I know you are all smart ones, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading here. All the brain to you… you rock!




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