MOU: Rough ride for this Municipality District # 8 Meeting, well not really. Pictonians are well behaved, may be a bit too nice .

West River Firehall  MOU Meeting on April 6.2016

Master of ceremonies and district #8  Counselor Leonard F. held this session on course as directed by the MOU troupe. The room was filled with locals but no exuberance was sensed to embrace another government scheme.

mad guyI remember the outcry to shut down Gordon F. turkey processing  at some earlier time here as a result of another NS Government favoring the big league’s move to progress. Of course at the expense of small shops those hypocrites now whine as if the decline of business and healthy communities are done by mystic forces. When will people realize that government of any level best be kept away from any important business and their hands heavily restricted near the tax contribution box; >>  con game tribute on ye…..

For some reason our local man ducked that meeting, which was packed solid, emotions heated and some provincial dudes keeping themselves safely in the back. Petitions, anger vented, affected resigned and forgotten; nice people and ready to be duped again.

Well may be not, this time even the local counselor publicly stated to say NO at the council vote if this district delivers a rejection to the MOU.  But lets not get too elated, the MOU if dumped may be overruled  by the province, the other towns force amalgamated and possible the Fire protection units also, as my gut-feelings tell me. There are more agendas pushing than just consolidating money and debt space to continue.                                       The  equivalent of a party whip, the deputy warden, later received Leonard’s  apologies gracefully for having done this bow to the people present. This guy himself I noticed had no respect for those he wards over. I read that he was given honors for demonstrating democracy deficits, OK? . To trust a or any politician can be traumatic to say the least.

We had a gender diverse panel of two beautiful ladies and two gents (Stell.Cslr.,N.G.,Pic.Cty.) whose math skills were not outstanding or maybe they were confused which numbers relate to describe certain financial conditions more meaningful; pea-counters by their looks.

Anyway Debbie (Pic.Cty.Csl) the one lady who did most of the talking must have studied Hegelian dialectic recently; she delivered her situation report like coming out of a philosophical textbook :

  • Problem:  Pictou County plus towns are dying out, Business is shrinking, Tax-base catastrophic, we had to spend more than we took in, we or some of us are “under water”, we are too big to fail, “long suffering sound…. ” Only one way out or better up, Taxes or Debt, no other choice she said
  • Reaction:   People please wake up, you must be scared, come  listen to us and do vote yes for what we  have cooked up for you, com’on feel the need, will you?
  •  Solution  We, those who were in charge, entrusted  with providing the framework for your well-being tried hard to shop until drop just for you, dear ratepayer. No project was too fancy, idiotic, gigantic to meet your expectations and we meant well but……failed, nono we don’t call it quits, too nice are the benefits to be near the trough of flowing money. Yes but now we discovered this magic law:

    “What’s the definition of insanity again? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”

    This time, yes we can, promise folks it will be paradise but somehow we need to share, look we pretend to be business friendly (at least for big money and large Corporations, preferably from foreign countries, they are sooo benevolent, eager to help out, eh) but our heart is real collectivist, even so we despise those commies, nah, we need to share, com’on at least the losses, be nice to us our benefits are on the line here, promise we will see if we can’t find some more of those minimum $$  paying jobs for you, OK?

    Some of the words were not said exactly but you can safely extrapolate if you listen closely and also follow a bunch of other political news; “..this is not only our idea born out of fear to openly declare bankruptcy, for demonstrated inability or admit to grossly enlarged our debt, no some other agendas plays right along  so we already received funding for this beautiful plan; all done  now, step by step while you were not paying attention. But look at those colored pictures (the River John bridge picture a real slap in our face  btw) pamphlets, the website wasn’t cheep either, only the finest for you people, yeah all those experts and consultants needed contracts, don’t bother to dig too deep but look at all those nice words we packaged for you.

    Looks appealing doesn’t it?”

That was it for sales pitch, now the privilege to ask questions was granted.

And a bunch of people expressed their justified concerns: about this Amalgamscam; appearing like a race to the bottom; money figures put in glowing light where benefits were implied; real but negative connoted ones mumbled or labeled benign as leveraged; but oh the savings; I think if they could, those MOUnicks would have been printed those with halos; accountants like lawyers have their own terminology to cloak reality the way they need; a certain technique was notable to project the solidity of past and documented numbers to the ones assumed and drawn out of a hat; those who pressed for assurance and guarantees relating to keep future cost to own property low and worried to be overtaken by unreasonable property tax increases  had to go home with empty hands; but the smaller bunch to run this 11 district chimera will be fine; fire and disaster protection as well policing supposed to stay untouched; police of course able to add to their budget by letting their boys play collecting agents to come down hard on victimless crimes without the mercy of former peace officers; how much leeway is going to be left particularly in rural areas was not dwelled on but a slogan from their sales brochure “one local government and one set of bylaws”is the wet dream of socialists and collectivists.

Disturbing were the frequent remarks of MOU Lady Wadden that those coming to the microphone may be granted to state their opinion but they (MOU) is entitled to theirs


1. an exclusive privilege or right exercised by a person or group of people holding a particular office or hereditary rank

2. any privilege or right

3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a power, privilege, or immunity restricted to a sovereign or sovereign government

 This reflects a thinking unbecoming in a democracy , either we the people are the sovereign and may grant this right to her in the capacity installed or not, or else the idea of democracy is just a smokescreen and other forces calling the shots and we better obey.
What is it Debi?
This whole MOU, the preceding activities to work out plans for amalgamation were without any mandate coming from the people, not  counting those who act as self appointed NGO’s or biased promoters as some of the larger Corporation in this area proved to be.
Unless we are indeed treated and classed as something different than sovereigns Mrs Wadden has no right to claim or grant this privilege. Her role by voluntary choice is to represent us the people, must understand  and accept how information, communication and authority aught to flow.
This will increasingly become an important point about what constitutes true legal dependency if the old or even the new Governance entities/y are no more civil but a D+B registered Corporation.
Somebody can only grant rights if he rightly possesses those. Even years of serving in council does not change that..
Anyone aware knows this system is dishonest to that effect and we are constantly tricked  into consent albeit unnoticed by most. Interesting stuff people, really…CDM google it.
What else, oh yes:  Ivany report stated “status quo is not an option”; agreed but he is leaving very fundamental (hot) issues out, opens the door instead to agendas without going to the root which, my friends, would be radical  ( root > radix  > radical > a thorough and deep approach to deal with something) and that is a bad word for some.
 Oh almost forgot there was that one commentator whose points were not really following the line this meeting should go, considered irrelevant and the public for heaven sake not to be awaken  was of little interest and blocked quickly.
The few words uttered, even so presented  less stellar than those of some other speakers, as I learned are referring to the most important issue and are very current to things going on right now relating to our Canada Constitution and the privileges Canadians have a  right to enjoy but hawked away by P.E.Trudeau in 1974.    <link

 An important notice to the present member of the Municipality of Pictou County,  members of the MOU steering committee has been given with the comments made to those who want to lead us and are on record as the protocol has been followed and recorded; the purpose of the commenter accomplished.

 If those panel members would have lived up to their calling as political leaders, even be it on a municipal level, they could have called the game, allow a few more minutes on the end of the  meeting and put this commentator on the spot.
If the members knew about this issue, their  whining about money and debt to operate their governance units could be called hypocrisy, or if the didn’t know which may be fair enough they should have seriously investigated even after the meeting closed.
Instead ignorance and willful blindness which is unbecoming for politicians who burden citizens unduly and lay claims on their money was demonstrated.
An absolute disinterest to follow up this serious topic as a gag order by our federal boys is still in effect, but the case still alive.  link below
Again take care of your life, but without a minimum of interest into important things you will be treated in accordance who you are, as you are now and worst.
become conscious, it is easy nobody is master over you, nobody as long as you obey basic civil law
thanks for your attention

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