Looking back, looking out and looking forward

Frustred-writerIt is about a month since starting this blog, and the learning curve was  a challenge for this old but not senile yet politic-o-phile.

Anyone can do it but how do you get people reading all those words? And how are people reacting if you  try to interest those.

Naked ladies may help to attract guys, but would not appease the ladies, free recipes or pictures of garden flowers not too relevant to those cursing the government and politicians.

Young people are too busy texting the nearby girls and boys, and spying government agents checking how much of their dirt has filtered through to the common man or woman.

So what to do, speak the truth and see who listens….

And for a small blog the interest has been encouraging, even participation is not too bad and yes we are on google too.

Ups , my local Councilor just called and invited me to the next meeting, may be I can meet some of you to yeh or neeh me. I am not able to interview yet, but if as most of those MOU meetings go, limited and controlled is the pattern, just to give the impression we the people matter and are listened to.


Will lend you support but the fiction of democracy is just that unless you believe social sciences 101 in High school.

Anyway change can only come through the conscientiousness of people; unless we know and understand the current system, recognize intentional build in and developing flaws, able to formulate important questions and push hard to get answers our lot will be to bitch and whine. And if things keep developing as they have this will be even more restrictive.

I consider knowledge and interest about things which matter, politic is one of those, essential, empowering and enabling to dissect what hits us daily.You became you, not stay the “strawman” as some prefer to want us.

This gets me to some of the experiences some like me can run into; making a blog is work takes a bunch of ingredients but needs reader to echo reactions. And if starting out a blogger has to roll the drum and hoot his horn. Auweia…this can get interesting.This means talking to people, direct, by phone, by email or making a point in public places.

I would say, and may be I am wrong, but for about 2 dozen out there comes this one strange individual who reacts extremely out of the safety of his lodgement  just being shown a 1.5″ by 2.5″ card like this one below. Any normal interaction stops and even soothing words are interpreted as personal infringements. Citing the Bard of Ayrshire would have been in vain.

Then let us pray that come it may,
(As come it will for a’ that,)
That Sense and Worth, o’er a’ the earth,
Shall bear the gree, an’ a’ that.
For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
It’s coming yet for a’ that,
That Man to Man, the world o’er,
Shall brothers be for a’ that.

business card
dont tell me politics I know what is best for me, you hear….

I feel pity for those where bmi parallels demonstrated ignorance and seems to be inverse to those body cells close under the scalp.

Shake off the dust and march on, we got 24 next who at least grasp that man has to communicate, no need to feel less because caught in ignorance and disinformation.This is common, this is wanted and perpetuates the scam. But we can work on that.               Almost time to run the Plato Cave story…

But wait, there is another #24 plus 1

Place: large food store in Pictou  called Sxxxxs

They got a top notch store manager and I had time.

As an aspiring blogger with a tiny blog things I must do to change, and Pictou and environ needs change, is to make my blog known.  So there I am standing at the outside and also inside the entrance vestibule (cold norwester blowing) flash that yellow card above and do as people do talking  to each other. Not selling or anything competing etc..                          No, not to a big crowd plugging the entrance or any other harming thing.     Just engage some individuals one by one as they enter or leave. I only talked to about half a dozen passersby and handing this small strip of paper to them. Bad really bad thing!!!

small 3/4″ by 3″ piece of paper with blog address printed on it

Within 5 to 10 minutes the master of this corporate edifice came out holding this strip triumphant between his finger and blokes at me who I am.

I do not know how this information would help him, but he made it clear that I am on “private” grounds which I did not dispute. I removed myself of course, but asked the nicely dressed warrior for corporate  right and privileges if it would be OK to ask my loving wife to remove his store from her shopping list. Only a few thousand dollars per year, chicken shit for this Corporation second in size in Canada but we got to make a point.

They will survive until the collapse under their own weight as many indicators warn.

The only question I have is this, did this vigilant manager spend his time watching CCTV bored and was happy to note this incident, giving him a welcome break snatching the small paper strip out of the hand of the unsuspecting shopper entering the store? or are we at the decadent level that “see and tell” has reached the heads of Canadian citizen?  “Mr Manager there is a bad guy out there handing out little paper strips, all I wanted is to hand some of mine to your cashier. And Mr. Manager he even talks, can you imagine? politics…”   Before we get to Mr.Plato,  a man with wisdom and guts, sadly lacking among contemporaries, especially politicians,  think about this.

Before we were corralled in into this world of dead and decay, yeah,  Corporations  are indeed dead legal bodies (CORPS) bestowed with more rights  than living beings like you and me. Look around  “Corpses” without life, without consideration to life you can say inhumane and who is surprised that they act like they do..   We are talking here not about middle class businesses, shops where dad works and mom keeps the books, where you still could talk to the owner not being channeled by internal  corporate policies and rules far removed from civil and common law.  No this the realm of Corporate Law, Admiralty Law , UCC etc .

Even Governments have more and more shown their true colors being outright corporate legal entities, say good by to good old Civil authorities, yes even Courts, RCMP , all prominent positions in local or larger Governments are Corporations.

Yes they parade as the former, but like a chameleon can change their capacity in which they act. This difference is not understood and hindrance to grasp why we are subjected not served. Next time somebody official asks you Name? Birth date?    you know he/she act as a corporate representative and your reflex correct answer translates directly into an contractual agreement to abide to their terms, do you understand says it clearly.

Of course if you have a problem to stand under something you may not like all the gear you don’t have but may be subjected to, you subject….I much prefer a peace officer as friend and helper not a money collecting Rambo worried to meet his monthly booty goal.

Back to this dead world, the corporate world. Just what was the original setup of buying, selling, dealing?

People met on a free common place, a market and you can bet that a lot of talking took place, about anything. There probably were snitches of the powers (church and state) of the day too, but as long as you obeyed the basic civil laws of not hurting somebody, preventing harm and losses you were fine.

We have been given new speak to call  corporate stores  “markets” , but those arbitrarily are void of what people had in the past. Walk through any town and search for “free” places not owned and controlled, yes even the local farmers market is not under peoples control but by some other “benevolent” agency who may allow you a spot far off where people come together and in lesser numbers.

Dead inner cities! surprised; why if all is condensed to corporate business and  transaction and natural life “by-lawed” out of existence. The four towns even so connected by a better transportation system years ago were set up by big corporations of that time which effects are felt today. There is little attraction to real people other than transacting. Yes this is hard to modify now but please why would anyone expect that the rural areas have to sacrifice, seen in true Admiralty law spirit as booty and added as another asset to the in effect governing corporations.

If you prefer City living , go for it but please pay yourself, don’t scheme for bail outs.

If you think creating bigger corporate units (Amalgamation) will bring any improvement you need to learn and think, discover that spirit of freedom which has been brainwashed out of too many exchanged with state-ism.

Even Plato noted this and created this simple but telling allegory 2400 years ago

Enslaved, often unseen nor realized is the condition some people prefer, even to the point as to hate and kill those making them aware or helping to free their spirits.

So if you think politics is idle shatter, go ahead but realize your ignorance is a misdeed against all those who do not share this view since we all are affected of the outcome.

Enjoy this video and think



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