If you do understand where money is coming from, skip or else take your kids and enjoy to make those the smartest around your block

BVTRYV9CEAAfgh-Little Johnny, we met him in one of the earlier articles in this blog, turned out to be a real smart fellow.

He did not feel exploited helping mom, dad, even grandpa, yes even some close neighbors taking on  chores. And why not, the allowance his parents could afford was not too large, his spending habits prudent and modest. This is not good behavior these days in the eye of the system which prefers a “shop until you drop” attitude.

Anyway Johnny, a likeable youngster earned hard cash and as it was the custom, the banks still honored his savings with small interest amounts credited. His account, the small booklet his mom got as birth present from the bank with Johnnies name and $ 5 in it, grew. Oh Johnny was proud showing it to Grandpa or Grannie which always triggered some extra bonuses.

He did not realize this yet, but his funds to further educate himself in later years increasingly became a reality. Yes he missed out on more sweets and comics; good to have some guiding parents….

Now, you my dear readers will agree that if many smart boys and most of the population living in Canada are similarly saving for future goals or the proverbial rainy day like being dumped when Alberta’s tar-sands turn sour, banks will accumulate cash in their vaults, right? How else could they give out loans, mortgages- right?

Nope, not any more, yes they will take it but be prepared to forget interest on accumulated savings or worst, as it is done deal and backed by new laws, banks may actually charge you for the privilege to store your kitty with them. Yeaah “them”..Precedents have been set in some banks already. Negative Interest !

Or even worse, consider your deposit not as some  chunk of wealth you gave the bank in trust but as a risky investment now with a legal privilege to take away portions of it, if the bank is in danger to “fail”, called bail ins; nice eh? It is in the budget, check it out.

Of course you know inflation, the slow decay or rot of your accumulated life force in stored monetary form, with a precision like an atomic clock offsetting and reducing your monetary value, in some instances to the point of utter valueless even if stored under the mattress.. The holy bible talks about treasures on earth and of their demise by fire, rot and theft. Makes one wonder if that was  just fore-knowledge by those who cooked up this scheme or prophecy, but for sure conditioning to make you expecting and prepared for such treatments.!

Today’s banking is even worse, way worse!

Look, Banks do not see themselves as gangsters or robbers, quiet the contrary, specially if they are too big to fail. The government, pretending to be the guardian, the trustee of the people, made laws concerning banking, huge documents to condone, camouflage criminal activity, yes this is proven. Who’s side are they on?.. What you can do is find out about this swindle, educate yourself and prepare accordingly.

Below videos are even fun; get your legs up in that lazyboy and watch the kids, less conditioned as you reckon the trickery scheme before you do.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

(Note; this video above is hated by those in charge and the link may not work as some restriction have been placed to deny access to it,  but try from you location)


Enjoy with your kids, they deserve the truth


Similar with English subtitles but also rated for toddlers and up owning a piggy bank !! Dedicated to my Grand kids


or this Classic from Bill


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