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Philosophy and purpose of this blog

Democracy contains the word crac(z)y  and crazy beyond the point of recognition it may become unless those living together recognize their responsibility to participate.

If you shirk this responsibility you in effect step outside and have little justification if things will develop in another direction you anticipated, to complain.

Worse yet, if you forgo your active interest, developing forces and interest will take your space shift understanding and direction which more likely than not will harm not just you but all those whose individual say is counterbalanced and overall pushed into another direction.

Politician are opportunist and will be guided following the easiest route, if lobbyist bribe and promate their ideas into the conciseness of the elected your interest will fall to the wayside. In a way you cant blame politicians the are human and the influence of whatever interest offer to them becomes their driving force.

Only a knowing well versed populace, with guts to say what need to be said. can expect a more responsive and fairer Government.

You can and please do work on it. This is only one of many sources you can visit, be open to a varsity of opinions but check those against you own knowledge and conciseness. If you do with a fair and honest intention your perspective will change and adjust.

Certain maxims help you to find the right coordinates

  • Cui bono    Literally meaning “who benefits?,” cui bono? is a rhetorical Latin legal phrase used to imply that whoever appears to have the most to gain from a crime or happening is probably the culprit or beneficiary . More generally, it’s used in English to question the meaningfulness or advantages of carrying something out.

to be continued


One thought on “WELCome, New to blog Visitors please read here first or scroll down to next article

  1. The MOU Committee has freely admitted on a number of occasions that a major reason for their push for Amalgamation is because they (our counselors) have been ineffective in doing their jobs. More specifically they themselves have pointed to their inability to come to agree, rationalize, or come to a consensus when necessary, on what is best for the communities of Pictou County or Pictou County as a whole. Without going any further, a logical person would deduce that obviously we have elected people who cannot see the big picture; are self serving and unwilling to compromise; possibly have personal agendas; and who obviously do not have the necessary skill sets or leadership ability required for the position.
    The solution to the problem is not amalgamation. The solution would be to elect counselors who can work together; are not representing special interest groups; who have proven leadership ability and most importantly – elect counselors who have vision, imagination and at least some business sense with respect to how best to benefit the county as a whole.
    Finally, as an electorate, we need to demand accountability and responsibility from our elected officials. A volunteer citizens committee could be organized to consider and make recommendations to the rules governing our elected counselors – especially where it concerns ethical conduct and conflict of interest.


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