Amalgamation, learn by adaptation or painful with experience

sidkusWonderful to see a community come together to serious discuss what the future should bring and what hindrance are in the way to be dealt with.

Super if those are knowledgeable and willing to wrap their mind around issues not only on the center of topic but also peripheral or tangential, across a solid spectrum.

Add to this highly educated specialist with expertise and overview without a bias to advise in the direction from which ideas like amalgamation originate.

This Pictou and environ amalgamation carries all the hallmarks of an injected idea promoted by some stakeholders who ran out of options to produce success or worst attempting to whitewash their enduring failure. Stakeholder are of course some local governments individuals, from the provincial and I am convinced also the federal counterparts.            If you are savvy and dig a bit deeper on what or who rules this world right into smaller communities, you can notice the influence from higher organization, not elected but empowered through voluntary (??) action by our Federal Government. The UN is the key Institution using various agencies under their control.

If you still believe that this organization in any way is interested in the common man and his well being , please come out of under your rock.

Agenda 21 now called agenda 2030-17 goals sounds beautiful, enhanced and lauded by those super rich numerous philanthropist which are in truth hypocrites and virtually nefarious if you open your eyes.                                                                                                                                     The “noble” days of Prime Minister Lester Person and Blue-helmets of their day are truly over. There is ample indication those unelected organizations are not interested to save this world, not for you and me anyway but have cooked up programs out of this world, at least as to the direction for where the common man is headed.

Amalgamation can make sense but studying which problems it should solve will lead to many aspects of prior failures, mismanagement, corruption and placing the wrong persons in charge. Not to mention the stubborn adherence to some maxims and paradigm which should have been dumped long time ago. Yes I am conservative, but in terms what is valuable, really needed to sustain and to be adhered to, not fake slogans.

See my dear fellow Pictonian or where ever you call home, the UN and the Agendas coming down have to look good to the uninitiated while in fact intended to move along in a total different direction. Or do you think that those in power would like to give up so close before their idea of world ruler-ship is under roof and locked up. If you have no clou, open your eyes wide and look sharp, because you out there and your carbon footprint are the problems, ask Mr. Bill Gates or those other Eugenics freaks.   Those love the UN…

Like an U-Boot sticking out its small periscope,  so is this issue of amalgamation ; appearing harmless not even noticeable from afar, but the unseen a major concern later.

Many of the yeah-sayers, even active promoters are unable to grasp the full extend of what mankind has allowed to be maneuvered into.      More of the same can not nor will bring the solution,   to spend oneself into debt is inexcusable, to force others to shoulder the consequences is criminal, socialism pure and root of the problem .

Below are some interesting videos, add your find (Reply)



Alberta scholar on Amalgamation

Toronto disaster

Video 1 on BC Amalgamations discuses 1 + 2

Video 2 Question and Answers with telling answers to above

Situation in Australia not much different

more from Australia, those Aussies got spunk I say if you check out more as ytube offers you

For fairness a local well dressed NGO with not much content to tell us, I bet I could give him some questions to make him sweat…




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