Letters to Editors, various Authorities and boards


The Amalgamation process is being carried out very lopsidedly.

The available funding in this Info struggle is favoring the proponents, the amalgamate-rs. Opposition to amalgamation and those questioning and querying the fundamental reason behind repeated failure of governance are hard pressed and systemic prevented to form and act as a collective body.

This is a major problem and prevents true democratic decision making.No help is offered, any formats to interact with the common population along some rigid procedures with little room to break out of this pattern. Darn the opposition!

Pushing away the smothering smokescreen of flashy pamphlet and  superficial propaganda material clears the view of an predetermined agenda to be implemented at all cost. This process is flawed but has been applied with a high degree of success.

Counter argument, even far more reasonable and trustworthy do exists but may be found  hidden in places less or not known. Keep the opposing side as invisible as possible.           By its very nature the proponents have in fact occupied space and authority by extending their obvious failed governance mandate not by a specific mandate of the public body. Opposition need  equal space; despite lavish budget taken from the common purse no sharing funds, space or platform to create balance is considers or offered.To make it even more lopsided numerous lobbyist and NGO’s with external funding act in a pincher formation against a mostly less informed, frustrated but disabled target group with some lone warning experts sprinkled in.

This is blatant power grab and only a few noting the lack of democracy working.


Deleting letters to editor, few if any published responses to those individuals resorting to written objection or important comments are some of the arsenal to keep objection out of the public eye.

This blog page is provided to receive copies of those important documents. You invited to submit your letter for being mirrored here for the public to note.

We will respect your wishes to abbreviate names or not, omit or showing address, phone etc or show full information if you choose so. Default is to publish abbreviated names and general locals.

In another matter: we received feedback as to the stuff written here, some find the content “over their head”, interesting but not understanding what this all means.

Yes political issues, many specific details, legal relationships, economical and society issues are not well if at all taught in schools.. Lots of Social science  to fill the mind with BS, enabling mind control programming but a void when it comes to relevant and valuable topics. The ability to question and discern is not wanted.

As major sponsors of educational programs admit the goal is to know enough to function and disabled questioning  ones role and circumstance in today’s world.

So it is a struggle to grasp; i.e. if you never sailed even the flashiest book will be over you head  if confronted with. The motivation to succeed comes with the thrill to participate either in knowledge or participation..

Your daily life is deeply affected by what this blog tries to reflect and explains, not just amalgamation. Huge and systemic efforts are applied to keep you as uninformed as possible, to the point that you have virtually no knowledge about very important things impacting your life and well being. Do not assume for a moment that elected or aspiring politicians are well versed, no it seams that their involvement stifles their horizon and often their moral judgement to.

Key is to understand the importance to learn, not to get frustrated if things even basics unknown, if terminology is strange (wait once you may be touched  by legalese) google, read up even diverging opinions and presentation, look for prove, for common sense, ask your gut and heart, pretend how you would think or react.

And most important keep on the ball, be modest if you enter discussions, for same time you just can be a listener not an active participant, but talk about things, ask lots of question, if you desire (as you own it to yourself) to move to the superior level of understanding from not knowing or guessing.

YOU CAN DO IT and this blog as many others can help you along the way


mirrored documents

My letter of objection to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board


Dear Clerk of the Board,

I am writing you in objection to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board’s potential acceptance of the four municipalities conditional application to voluntarily amalgamate.
Rather then belabor the board with a number of areas of concern I will focus on the most significant as it relates to the Municipality of Pictou County. It is of the utmost importance to note that the Boards acceptance of this proposed amalgamation is based on the conditions undertaken by the four units before that amalgamation occurs being met.
As a resident of the municipality it is my duty to point out that in the area of Fiscal Operations one of the six requirements has not been met. In the Memorandum Of Understanding between the parties dated 10 November 2014 Section reads. “The pro forma operating statements prove a viable operation with no material increase in the Municipality of the County of Pictou general residential tax rate”. The same is repeated in Section 6 Preconditions and Overarching Principles. Precondition Section 6.1.1 reads, “no material change will be introduced to the current general residential tax rate for property owners of what will be the former Municipality of Pictou County.
Despite this legal, notarized, precondition requirement the new unit in fact plans to increase taxation levels in areas of the county they have deemed to be “suburban” including more populated rural areas further from the towns. Along with published comments from councillors to that effect it has also been reported in an editorial in the New Glasgow News. Dated February 6, 2016 the relevant section reads. “But spelled out in the agreement: you start from a base tax rate, as you add services to that-as with residents in some larger rural communities or living close to towns- you pay added rates for those services.”
As those affected residents are all currently ratepayers in the Municipality of Pictou County, to suggest there will be no material change in tax rates for those citizens is an erroneous statement and a failure of the Municipality of Pictou County to meet its own legally defined conditions.
The boards acceptance of this state of affairs will lead to a false impression among residents of the Municipality of Pictou County that their representatives precondition of no material change in tax rates has been met. Under that condition their vote in the planned May plebiscite will be effected by what amounts to voter fraud. A situation the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board is charged with protecting them from.
Nova Scotia

Find out more at
Share what you learn with your neighbors.
In the end, the vote of the people will decide.
Please vote in the plebiscite on May 28.



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