Political and economical Snapshot of this moment by X22 and more



Check out some key economic indicators  related to Canada and Nova Scotia .

Please participate by adding your favorite indicators to this list to help us individually and as community to broaden our  understanding. Use the reply button so that we may include your link in this list.


is an indicator to gauge the size of international shipping of bulk (excluding  tanker, excluding container), to understand select the longer time frames. This goes for most other indicators, they recognize the longer term trends.

NASDAQ Common commodities, metals, food stock, basic resources


Your Canadian dollar against the US dollar


Toronto Stock exchange average up to today


Your own Nova Scotia Debt; this is only the provincial part; you need to add the next, the Canadian Debt, to get a more relevant figure, after that please add the per capita debt of you Town, County etc., nice eh? then ask yourself if paying more Taxes is the solution


Oh Canada, Land of the indebted 1 Trillions and counting

Total Interest payment on those debts, not any down payment on the debts alone amounted to $1725 for each living soul in Canada last year 2015

over 86 Millions for all the County; more than all the Towns, Municipal budgets combined, as Mr Rothschild said some time ago: the money is not gone, it is just in some one else his pocket


Political understanding should include the largest possible group of citizens and be omnipresent. Only with a maximum  of saturation, even with a spread in level as reality, will this enable us to take charge of our life, individually and as community.

This is essential and will enable us to control our destiny instead of being manipulated, fed falseness, shallow propaganda and being ultimately disowned.                                                                                                                                                        We live in a time of consolidating control over people,  nations and continents; wake up!

Perceived freedoms are and will stay fiction unless we become active participants and insist on what is naturally bestowed. Without an ongoing desire to educate oneself you will be manipulated and controlled, and  by your own ignorance  you deserve  the outcome.     But living in a community should make it a duty to put sufficient effort towards grasping what matters around us.

An ignorant, dumbed down population, even by their own choice on top of what comes down through official channels, makes for poor, easy to manipulate communities with the resulting deficiencies as can be observed. They also fall prey to schemes extracting wealth and life out of a community. Do I need to mention the plenty of local examples, eh?

Hiding behind an attitude, like some nice gentlemen declared, he is a card carrying party member and on top of things, can be very deceiving and false as an embarrassing basic test can show. Political party’s are similar to religions, a higher form of organization and as you can note sub-relegating you, exactly what we have today.

We need to come together not through differing associations but by broadening knowledge agreeing on principles instead of acting in opposition to perceived dogmas.We are constantly propagandize on our role being sovereign member in a communal democracy . Without the here described interest to be knowledge holder, which is sadly lacking other forces will fill the void to the point of squeezing the living daylight out of you, quite literally.

Adhering to universal maxims, keeping abreast with changes affecting us and life education as a virtue should be our goal even against clear trends to divert attention.

Lacking this we become “dumbumbs” and like fallen leafs on a stormy day.                              I am personally shocked with what ease people complain, utter grievances but have not the slightest clou as to the various connections and relationships of issues.

Such ones follow paroles, jump to undigested conclusion, fall for propaganda and are indeed in the way of true progress.

This Amalgamation is typical since real facts are mixed together with agendas not understood and outright shenanigans of opportunists lusting for their goals left undiscovered. Focus seems to be polarized favoring this or that direction, too often through lack of broad understanding and less focusing to working on problems. Better knowledge nurtures creative solutions, old thinking will bring more of the same.

Please stop falling for the same tricks, particularly when is is clear who carries responsibility to lead us in the mess, doggedly set to solve the problem with the same failures, now on a larger scale.  Realize the pressure exerted from certain corners and understand their motives. What is good for the hunter may not be good for the hunted….

Please study those above indicators, trend and relationships concerning us Canadians, then ask what in the world is somebody smoking entertaining an idea of Amalgamation under those circumstances…

Towns, Municipalities not just Pictou Cty, Villages etc., if under water acting  like drowning persons trashing around madly.They are acting opposite to what might be helpful in their situation, also displaying an extreme selfish attitude. Any beach guard knows that such persons in stress are not to be trusted and only approached from a safe position if helped.

Why are swimmers, or here Governments in (financial) distress?

Well, why would they be broke? They spent more than they took in, overextend their abilities, be ignorant or sometimes plain corrupted, focused on selfish interests, or not to be dismissed, under control of some other pressures kept out of the public’s eyes?

Do not think for a moment that those in authority are wise, prudent, operating responsibly and with foresight, not to mention free of self interests ! Not so as the reality proves much too often.

In contrast most businesses seem to do much better even with less; what is the difference?

Key difference is the so called  assumed authority to legalize pick pocking,  no small change those want.The engrained wrong assumption that rule is applied by the people (the sovereign) from the bottom up but disproved despite propaganda as in those Amalgamation documents to the contrary.The absence of competition etc., the cult like adherence to Stateism pared with lip service and hypocrisy toward ones home country.

Again ignorant uninformed  sovereign citizens became subjects,  easily handled to be manipulated and squeezed and taken for granted.                                                                            .  Lack of true responsibility, absence of bonding and liability shielding creates the black hole, where citizens are not even be allowed full information while taken hostage to submit or else.

Who cooked up this deal?  Yes, good members of this religion called State-ism who don’t like to exercise the gray matter between the ears not to mention heart and gut feeling.

So go on and let those data sink in, in essence they mean your life, physically and spiritually. There are no blessings in State-ism!

If you got that we can move forward, looking for what we could do and improve.              Above data will shock, realizing the wealth extraction from you and anyone, making you even more upset if you understand how those sums will burden our children’s children  because we failed to educate ourselves and understood in time.

Yes there are services, many very necessary but as long as the spending is influenced by  overstretched views, desires, politics of those handing out the cheques, disregarding those who be asked to pay, in essence sacrificing part of their life force, nothing will change.

If a town like New Glasgow is under water, as they admit, the honorable behavior would be to admit failure, declare bankruptcy, step down and forgo their accumulated benefit packages and honorariums, disconnect from expectation and come back into the real world, not the pipe dream of unlimited FIAT money and easy loans. .

Any one going bankrupt is being put through a similar process, and why not.               Elected Officials and their Staff don’t deserve shielding, they are the cause,and ignorant citizen the sleepy watchmen who need to wake up.

That should do for today…read, get it; you got brains, use it










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