From the in camera boardrooms of the proponents to the humble Pictonian and back



Yellow italics => Questions, comments from a soul in Pictou County

We are writing as representatives of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Municipal Reform Steering Committee. The Committee has been conducting and participating in public meetings at various locations throughout the County. These first rounds of meetings are intended as information sessions – bringing forward information on how our four municipal units have agreed to study municipal reform and involve the public in the process.

Who asked for this, what is the driving force behind it, which agenda is being followed? Of course you the Committee had ear whisperers to plant some ideas and when you fomented the plan  you already had the formal amalgamation outline. For tenth of years my local counselor never approached  my neighbors nor me to touch bases, nor I do I recall a district meeting.You have not lived up to be our representative.


Our municipal units through the MOU have agreed that change is required. The form of this change is, however, yet to be determined and will ultimately involve public agreement.

“Our” have agreed that change is needed, well if this is yours, why are you coming to us to stand in for the financial consequences of this merger, or won’t you?  Determined by “our” that is the Committee and ultimately :”involve”:the public. That is at the end when your ideas have been firmly established and consumed considerable assets along the way. What version of democracy are you thinking you are applying?

An important part of the process is to hear from you on reports being prepared by both external consultants and our in-house staff. These reports involve eight separate study areas. After our first round of public information sessions has been completed, our plan is to publically advertise follow-up meetings and return to various communities this fall to talk about the eight preliminary reports. The dates and locations of these public meetings will be advertised in the local press and featured on our web site: as well as social media.

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen of this Committee, you are right that you should hear from us, but your sequence is somewhat mixed up. Any one with some gray matter between the ears has seen outcomes of amalgamation here in NS and across the country. I am sorry you guys, you don’t have the Midas touch, just the opposite, with or without consultants and in house expert. Cost overruns, bungling and unprofessional decisions. Leave those issues alone and concentrate on things you are good at, if such exists like handing out small grants to active groups, and vouchers for the landfill site etc. How much was the final cost overrun for that Municipal Admin Temple?  maintaining a tank justified? really  mentioning some of the booboos, white elephant, People do remember. Relying on external consultants? well may be first you should have had  gotten clearance from us the sovereigns, the ones paying you and your schemes, before hiring for detailed info which is only relevant if a takeover is the wish of the people. Don’t frown, particularly those who run the finances into the ground and scheming up for bailouts, you are and only you are bad  managers not staying within your regular financial means. Any serious business would be broke if they applied the low skill level or is it intentional? Bank too big to fail your template?

During the information sessions held to date we have heard one recurring question from the public. Citizens have has asked us as current day elected officials why we think change is required. In our opinion change is required to provide for one common voice and to advance our region. To demonstrate we have been citing four examples. They are as follows:

“Citizens have  asked recurring question why  change is needed”, surprised? because  if we the citizen could hire experts directly and not being bombarded by your bias and multiple NGO’s actively brainwashing the uninformed and yes ignorant  even here in P.Cty. If your opinion is the measure stick and this is your idea step down, please. You have been measured and found lacking.


1. Advancing Improvements to the Aberdeen Hospital Provincial rules require 25% of the funds for hospital renovations to come from local sources. Our local share has been estimated to be $6.8M. Which municipality leads the charge in pulling the local share together? To act quickly and to achieve consensus on an approach this is one area where one municipal voice is required not six. The Aberdeen Hospital is essential to the quality of life for our residents and our business community, i.e. recruiting and retaining employees within our region. We think a new form of municipal government would more efficiently address quality of life issues such as the Aberdeen.

A new form of government, are you out of your mind, do you think more of the kind you demonstrated  will be “new”,  the salvation. Sounds like Bush Senior in this speech


2. Master Plan for Infrastructure Upgrades We know there are three types of municipal infrastructure requirements: installing new systems in areas that need onsite municipal servicing; extending existing systems in areas to support growth; and improving systems to ensure they are in compliance with federal and provincial regulation.  Although we know about these requirements, there is no master plan for our region. Instead there are 6 separate plans all competing for the same federal and provincial dollars. This is leading to situations where the most important projects are not always being funded – holding the entire county back. We believe a new form of municipal government will ensure the most important projects are prioritized and advanced for Pictou County.

Not again, Master plan? by whom ? which Master are you referring to?  If you had any  leader quality you would have thrown your weight behind the COMER CASE, you likely have not even heard about, or if you did, placing yourself in a very hypocritical position. $  was paid last year for the interest on the combined debt alone (nat, prov, munic) by Taxpayers in Canada, not to pay down the debt. The share for Pictou County and environ.. would have been over 86 Millions dollars. If you just would advertise a tenth of your MUO budget to explain the whole banking ripoff, FIAT money and all, you had no funding shortage for any important program.  If your consultants  failed to enlighten you, fire those spineless suckers; if you had the knowledge, and in your position you should have to qualify, shame on you trying to reshuffle Tax burden on us.


3. Planning for and Encouraging Commercial Growth and Private Sector Investment In our opinion the job of government is to create an atmosphere for private sector investment and growth.  Having six councils is not allowing for a real focus or regional vision on the important aspect of growing our economy.  Once again we feel that a new form of municipal government can address reasonable commercial tax rates and provide affordable municipal servicing in areas of the county to support private sector start-ups and growth.

If Governments, even if they just morphed into non civil fictions, does what you here pronounce, is by definition  called Fascism. You make it even clear in what context! You probably hail TPP, TTIP, CETA, NAFTA and more of those alphabet shenanigans..I would not want to be in your skins if people wake up and fully understand what this will and has done to freedom and well being, no wonder you think you need a tank! Maybe not all of you but being willful ignorant is a treason against the people nevertheless. YOU ought to know and be on our side, your maneuvering unfortunately indicates the opposite….



4. Following Recommendations of the Nova Scotia Now or Never Report Ray Ivany and his Commissioners have clearly indicated that structural change in municipal government is required.  Goal 18: of the Report – “Reform of Municipal Government and Regional Service Structures” lists 7 prime objectives. Three of these objectives state: • Greater service efficiency and improved “value for money” for taxpayers is required. This means building service consistency and making it affordable for taxpayers so that taxation is relative to services being received; • Reductions in regulatory burden should be sought.

Sounds great but you have squandered your trust, to the informed anyway. Next you not only sound like deeply engrained socialists but truly propose the steps right out of some communistic indoctrination manual. You expose your goals and march direction as done before in true Fabian fashion. Like in the Scottish history the treason came too often from right in the middle, but histories to learn from is not part of curriculum, at least not the important points. You have been called out, you have no credentials left, no positive track record, stop Amalgamation, Don’t waste anymore time, assets and money and start listen and working with the people of this part of the world not against. They deserve it.

This means making one set of rules instead of having six;  and • Tax policies should be greater aligned with economic growth objectives In a nutshell the report states that reforming the structure of municipal governments is an essential step in reversing population decline and improving our economy. In the weeks to come we intend to publish additional materials related to the MOU. The next in a series will review the various commitments we have made relative to taxation and service levels that must first be met in order to advance recommendations to the public for consideration. We will also outline how we intend this to be a made in Pictou County solution to reform. In the meantime please feel free to contact members of Steering Committee or email us at  Check out meeting notifications and committee minutes at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @onepictoucounty.

 For every one able to read the spirit not the words of this letter you delivered is a Revelation .You attitude and thinking is outdated and counterproductive, and that is saying it nicely. You guys must go that Pictou etc can live and prosper, check it out; money is NOT the issue here!


Warden Ron Baillie                Mayor Barrie MacMillan                   Mayor Joe Hawes                   Mayor Joe Gennoe

Mun.Pictou County                   Town of New Glasgow                        Town of Pictou                 Town of Stellarton


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