hanged, drawn and quartered…desire for freedom never dies

flag  Remember Billy 

“picti” and”scoti” loved their freedom, but knew how to defend it, fiercely and against many odds over many centuries.

Subversion, intrigues and outright treason even or especially by their own kin was  the worst enemy, the enemy within the walls.

Nova Scotians know very well were they came from, their hardships and bloodied history, their struggle to keep the enemy at that time off their backs. The value of independence is rightly so deep engrained even today.

The relentless machinations of the power hungry eventually got control of Sir William Wallace and his death was not peaceful, not at all.

We may call this merger, amalgamation or simple takeover it seems to be all the same.

People all over the world are not the same, be the lord praised for that, and if they have their spirit they will appreciate as much individuality as possible, most of us anyway.

Yes we arrange ourselves starting in families, local communities, larger and larger groups. Peace is an art and holding it often enough a challenge. A challenge which can be met if goodwill abounds.

But with diverging differences, especially when power interests and greed enter, conflict has been opened the door. Unfortunately men have been given free choice, even to the detriment of others, so one way of avoiding conflict is to exist in a more or less respectful distance.

This fact has been ignored with resulting bloodshed and mayhem, even today.

Unification eventually took place to create a world power with all its “Glory” and gore.

Many of the Pictonians (picti, scoti) know that and the ailments they were leaving or forced to do so followed like the plague. Happy times were always shortened or spoiled .

Even after 1789 “Ancien Regime” french or not is alive and well, a fundamental issue albeit modified to appear modern, can not be helped by uniting, merging or amalgamation.

It has not worked, nor can it with a thinking way behind the times. (Clarification “behind the times” refers to a thinking of greed and hidden or not rulers who shouldn’t be, not the spirit as lived by William Wallace)

How many Fraser, Ivany etc reports do we need?

Back to Scotland which has had good and bad times, even supplied rulers and enjoyed privileges.

But what was missing, what drove over 45% to say yes for Scotland’s independence just two years ago?ballot scotland

We could talk all night long, I am sure they had a long list of good valid reasons to split.  Pictonians and Amalgamates everywhere withstand, not fall for hollow promises but rather like to find out what holds us back or so we should.

bill walace  All done and over you say, fine but what about this renewed desire to be free, or should we ask what has made those former picti and scoti tired of the freedom as it is permitted today?

It is time to look and examine our own standing, the slow degrading of what we used to own, yes own and exchanged for a huge burden on our straw-men back my dear fellow debt slaves!



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