Puzzle, Politics and plain Sight

puzzle1Please imagine a huge pile of puzzle pieces and you sitting in front of it to create the complete picture. No, the box cover has been lost and you have no idea what is depicted.

What would you do?

Are you too busy, not interested or maybe a puzzle fan up for  the challenge?

How do you go about it? Well if you have done those before you know the procedure to solve this puzzle.You start with known elements; the corner pieces, the straight edged ones, sort out the rest by color or other markers and use your eyes to match shaped cut lines.The task may appear huge but with each placed piece your chances for completion are increasing. At some point you can imagine some features of the to be finished  image already. Often you can successfully assemble sub sections ready to be incorporated into the whole.

Your view, perception and skill  are honed and help you to get more efficient as you proceed along.

Politics or the understanding of it is very similar.

We can well imagine a novice to throw the towel  and turn to easier tasks as completing an elaborate puzzle, politics is overwhelming for many the same.

Politics is like a computer operating system running your life like a program  while you can not affect outcomes and be forced to execute commands which the software developers have set in codes. It is ignorance, lack of interest, accepting the usual which prevents questioning, doubting and even formulating an opinion representing the truth.You are stuck, you may accept it but if situations change you will feel the limits.

Democracy as it is applied does not require you to understand anything, this is why democracy works, but not for you, if you look over the edge of your containment realm.

Try grasping this question as someone formulated:

do you want to embody and to hold the status of a bonded surety to a bankrupt franchise and be the perpetual eternal collateralize instrument for life negating and destroying fiction in law or do you want to be free?

I know, it is a bit hard to understand if you never questioned your life as it played out for you, but finding an answer to it will enable you to understand issues like amalgamation much better and deeper.

Lets go back to our puzzle and find the four corners. Those are

  1. who and what are you, what status do you carry, what role are you playing in the system you were born or entered into
  2. what is this system, how did it come about and what is our role in it
  3. how is this system ruled, by whom is it controlled and what are the governing powers
  4. last but not least of the four corners has to do with money, what is it, where does it come from and how does it relate to you

This is a handful but like in the puzzle all parts are basically in plain sight albeit fragmented and not recognized by most.

Even twenty years ago those topics interest only a few, but today with being under tremendous pressures from forces you and most of us did not choose or elect but being subjected to nevertheless.

Do a lackmus test and try to have some questions answered by your local political officials like:

Who owns this Country?

Am I free as understood under civil law or restricted and obliged in other ways and how come?

Are there any civil authorities true to our understanding of delegating power to serve you the living being?

Does it make a difference in what capacity you or the judge act dealing with issues a court is meant for?

Why with all the hoopla about P.E.Trudeau’s  bringing home the Constitution don’t we have real meaningful property laws?

Start with the first puzzle corner here






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