Cons and Pros of amalgamation in Pictou County and towns Part II

kidinamalgashirtSuccessful Amalgamations in Canada?

I say yes, every one and not just in Canada. You the dear reader need to understand that this in no idle statement but considers the true relationship between you and them.

You, that is you the flesh and blood natural being but for Them it is you the so called straw-man, the legal fiction you have become and didn’t even know exists.

Your legal being has been skillfully implanted, your beliefs careful nurtured to voluntary and with fervor live in adherence to state-ism the largest religion on this planet.

Them, that is the other side, maybe even the dark one. Them is like religion, even more than religion

No wonder when peoples first organized them self, some more equal than others realized their knack to rule, discovered the technique of deceiving and in all earnest pretended to be spiritual leaders selected by god.

Earthly ruler followed as an symbiotic adjunct and fine tuned the art how two can benefit by screwing the third. The interrelated connection to religion and gods of the day is remarkable. The system of State-ism has taken hold and never let go.

Equals and similarities between religion and state (ism)abound.

Temple worship, a hierarchy and priest class, a plethora of saints sculptured in stone or bronze, painted into fancy frames and stitched into banners, with deep engrained solid traditions and these days the same legal structure as the mother of all modern churches since Roman Catholics invented the absolute power, the corporation

Ever been to Parliament Hill, Coat of arms, flag draped Refugios of those aloof sitting on your vote?  robed “your honor”s up on a high bench and police chiefs in their finest….

And look at (may be yourself) the deep emotions as people shed tears, enter into ecstasy, bow down and hail the leaders, believe programs and mostly hollow promises, yes even sacrifice to them with sizable part of their life force and value. Yes even there own life.

Did I mention your reaction to flashing red/blue in your rear mirror?

Your thinking too, is deeply engrained into state-ism that no contrary thought will even dare to uproot nor diverging from an instinctual lifepattern following the carefully prescribed order.

But know, you wee born free and by not knowing entered their world of contract law unless you insist to be treated under civil law. Consent comes through your own action and indeed by not acting too in certain circumstances.

You, the dear reader as most others, sucked in the milk of their ilk not realizing you are actual being milked. You didn’t even had a clue how all this came about and likely are overwhelmed right now.

You have prove of this  de facto status as a slave, that is the truth; it is called cdm (capitis diminutio maxima), your name all written in capital letters (upper case). Check out all of your documents, official letters and contracts signed.Most issued in the latter years will show your name in upper case letter only. My last one with regular writing was from  1984 .Hello Winston

For most, obedience to state-ism surpasses those towards religious affiliation.                  You heard it before, didn’t you? the certainty of death and taxes.

Religion need your death, how else could they scare you into their tenants while the state is addicted to your taxes ever more!

Idle chatter? look around and analyze. Non of the masters will come and explain to you, not even mainstream press, hardly any institutions of learning, no not the ones asking you to elect them will tell you anything.   Sleeping is best while kept in the dark and undisturbed, isn’t.

You keep those ignorant while I keep them poor , the king said to the priest.

Fundamental but it works; there are many at sleep, cognitive dissonant  or plain willing to stay dumb.That is fine but the problem is that those sleepy citizen block true freedom and pursuit of happiness, allowing sinister interests space and opportunity to fester.Most do not even notice and don’t seem to mind either.

This is why democracy works; not for you but for THEM.  Looking deeper to the true meaning of this term helps to clear up  another truth in plain sight we miss.. Anyone fluent in old Greek?

A German politician, the sidekick of dreaded  Angel from Hell Merkel,  spineless Horst Seehofer, Premier of Bavaria and CSU leader  made this telling and profound statement in 2010.

“Those who got elected have nothing to decide and those who decide are not elected”

Amalgamation is not what you may think and does not work for you but works for THEM. Every time.

How could THEY do this?

Lets look at another famous German, a world known philosopher whose name is attached to what is called Hegelian Dialectic. or Thesis > Antithesis > Synthesis etc

another  description       Problem  >>  Reaction >> Solution

Basically a technique how to get what is desired by removing hindrance or create desired outcome


Thief wants your money > he threatens you > you give in and pay


Little Johnny watches his mom baking delicious cookies and develops a want; Mom prepares for anticipated visitors and does not want to please Johnny who did not even finish his lunch

Johnny in the known of mom’s resolve throws a temper tantrum,

Mom being political correct does not do the obvious but hands over a goody for sake of keeping her peace instead…..


Similar can be described for machinations around amalgamation implementation

By now we should have gotten the idea that amalgamation per se is not the devil, but the driving agendas “pushing forward…”, especially those not in the open.

Stay tuned for more


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