Unam Sanctam or You and the rest of this world

Unam-Sanctam         Hello friends,

the Maritimes our home and beloved place seems to be far from major bustling centers; a sort of tranquil spot and enough of it for those searching for peace and solitude.

With less than a million people many favored spots to enjoy, to soak in history and culture of the original native inhabitants, the wave of settlers left from power struggles of (not so) far away empires and the influence of many newcomers from other places of this globe. And of course the very special and varied landscapes working hard to make peace with some of the weather escapades and notorious maledictions a power company throws at us.

Yes, we are the center of yearning and attention, a destination for some who want to flee from conflict and scarcity, a potential paradise once we become real salties and find a way to earn our keep.

Fine, Newfies are a bit more distinct but this blog invites the same as the rest of Canadians. Actually it concerns all mankind. Or so it should…


Everything is not well, not at all.

Everyone could  offer some important view, story or experience how our life was/is affected, hindered and even hopes dashed. We could study what others documented like Fraser-, Ivory report, many outspoken leaders and commentators etc. Not too many reasons to rest on laurels.

Do we really progress in a positive way or just beautify the mess we could see if  dare to look?

Lets ponder and  agree that the term “politic” is in many ways closely related to the way, restrains we live, are dependent etc.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) is often credited for saying, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.”

Some say this is incorrect but note Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. (1888-1969) said a similar phrase of “There are no accidents in politics” in 1960, just after the presidential election of his son, John F. Kennedy not to mention  JFK’s  ominous speech shortly before his murder. No, Harvey was not the assassin.

We could present different important issues directly or indirectly  affecting us today, yesterday and unfortunately in the future too. And we are talking here about things we would rather not be subjected to or controlled by. We will deal with those like the amalgamation issue.

Ignorance, cognitive or plain dumb does not help, whining without realizing what hurts neither. So if we think that this or that does not feel right, it is best to learn about the various facts and backgrounds.

All you out there are blessed not only with your own abilities to learn new things ( like seaweed pie) but have been given an opportunity never experienced by mankind before: the Internet, its vast storehouse of data, information and records. Use it, please do!

Up to this very day enemies of man have destroyed, hindered and hidden accumulated knowledge of past kingdoms, nations and societies with the clear intention to keep you uninformed and thereby much easier to steer and control. Even this medium is under increasing scrutiny and attack, no mistake about that.

If this opportunity is understood  you can progress, truly progress and increase your consciousness.

You will need to be skeptical and ask ” cui bono >>> who benefits” and may awake to the realities that most official channels  lie about, leave out or misinterpret to keep you away from truth to maintain the grip on your thinking and understanding.

The fact, that you the reader are here doing just that, makes you special and you can be proud of it.

Agree or disagree is not the problem, the problems are with those who could not care less, diverted by distraction, too busy or plain lazy to develop understanding and interests.

Object of this blog is to show plain basic elements, facts, explanations and help delivering views how things relate and connect. This is about your and our life as it matters.

This blog invites writers commentators and champions free speech.

Besides bad taste, editing will be as forced by our ever regrettable diminishing liberties, thought control and political correctness prevailing in Canada.

Here a super introduction were we are and how we got here remember FDR earlier?


Please listen to the last line of this bull and think. This statement is still valid today and very relevantly so.Even if you not formal member of the RC church you are belong to them. This is basic and secret but very true, you are owed.

It is important to understand what Unam Sanctam actually means, yes for you too



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