(newly updated #3) Cons and Pros of amalgamation in Pictou County and towns Part I


forced amalagAmalgamation  : Yes or Not

This article attempts to collect, build up and updates information about most aspects on this issue and requires your help. Please note that the various important details will be broken down and indicated by  I, II, III etc as information’s are added and published. Again your help is very important to cover all aspects, observed action, hidden or open procedures etc..

 If you find a point which is incorrect and can back it up with solid sources please  let it be known. This blog will correct and edit the published detail, no question about it.

Fact is that most people living here in this part of Nova Scotia do not consider amalgamation as a good thing, but if past realities are seen as a guide, wishes of peoples will be ignored.

This is not surprising since the system of “democracy” is not as we made to believe a honest but a fictional one, a charade to maintain an impression that we the people are the sovereigns, the ones who have the say.

Evidence shows the opposite.

 Lets put those Amalgamators on the spot and test their hollow talk about progress, efficiency and democracy.

At the moment a proxy Plebiscite  MOU, not the one which gives  us the clear choice, is being heavily promoted by established government and many Not Government Organizations – NGO.

The procedure to trick wanted outcome is not new but predictable and clear for the forewarned. We must understand that behind any political move heavy handed interest pushing “moving forward”. Moving forward to where and what?

Nevertheless pros or cons must be shown and talked about.

Please do help by submitting any reasons (pro or con) and meaningful comment to be included here (go to reply) .

This blog will update those and include them in this open ended blog article


Common claims for amalgamations, mergers, acquisitions etc are not unique to civil or political entities but common in commerce. Reasoning is similar and can be valid.The following list is not sorted in any specific order, may represent the same thought in other words and not claiming to got them all.

The reader can easily recognize the commercial connection to many of those claims, no objection but here we are not dealing with commerce.

We have to focus on Government  or “governance”(a hip buzzword to confuse us) entities, civil authorities or as we believe instituted organizations by and for the people, right?

Herein  lays the first fallacy we need to grasp, to sort out what effects our life and more so. We shall deal with this in more detail but a start is found here.


  • CLAIM   Amalgamation is needed to help inhabitants within a proposed areas to come and grow together

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation reduces the number of Councillors, majors, reeves, elected representatives, office staff etc

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation is more efficient , save costs, serves in a more timely matter

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation is merging to create a new legal entity

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation reduces competition for same or similar products, services to maximize profit goals

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation aims to operate more economical

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation helps diversification

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation improves financial economics

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation promotes growth

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation  increases managerial effectiveness

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation strengthen against competition

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation revives “sick” units

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation creates larger market share

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation offers other advantages

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation needs more inhabitants  (LY)

In ongoing  discussions with pro and against Pictonians  two obvious professional protagonists offered this reason for amalgamation in connections to the Wellness center and ballooning operating cost overruns, I leave it up to you, dear readers, to digest this

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation  because overabundance of elected representatives is in the way to make sound business decision, cost overrun not a major problem since , listen. the participation of the public increases health and well being and therefore causes less ailments and  proportional less health cost down the road.. fine.    So we need fewer counselors concentrating “governance” in the hand of small bunch. Why do I think of Oligarch? dare to look who is who  among the rank of some very ambitious  ladies and gentlemen!

    ol·i·gar·chy   noun: oligarchy; plural noun: oligarchies
    1. a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institutions

 Health in Pictou County, yeah I could run  down a whole list of recommendation to improve, none of those forcing you to pay more for what has been allowed to take place!

Boat Harbor mess, fifties design Pulp mill, open mining in close proximity to Communities and problematic blow downs NSPC power plant, never mind the constant “geoengineering” contamination, or the bud worm spraying not too long ago, yes Westray but that went quick…no long suffering (irony off)

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation  because those in the County pay way to little and have the benefit  too Wellness center and all

Those who prefer to own small cars should pay for roads like big Mercedes or Cadillac drivers; logic of some Professional you should not trust! Densely populated habitation zones in accordance with Agenda 21(now 2030) thinking?

  • CLAIM   Amalgamation a good thing at least with neighboring towns, to have four downtown’s in close proximity not too exiting

That sounds more reasonable, eh. But did Westville not get under the wings of New Glasgow like a chicken and hen in an attempt, precursor of merging?  Sisterly love and fair treatment abounded, right?                               It seams somebody took really good advantage on someone else almost down and out, or what was the neighborly outcome of brotherly shared policing?   Our system, and this is never too much discussed, follows a paradigm of selfishness, a bias against cooperation and taking advantage of the weaker; and in this case brutally.  No wonder that Westville has seen the light and evades amalgamation like the pest despite being denied to receive a share of this 27 Mill bribe which is highly questionable in itself.

No downtown? well thank your forefathers or more the ones who got really wild to extract resources, had the means to do it, grab , exploit and run like in some of those booming gold diggers or lumber baron camp’s . No this is not a thing of the past, just look to Alberta and those oilsands  boom and bust fields.                                                                                                                                      “Small is beautiful” philosophy  on the other hand includes more consideration to do less but with an engaged brain and real consideration for people not bosses.

If you got lemons make lemonade. That is if we come out on the other end of this very real looming collapse many indicators, facts and criminal behaviors paving the way become more visible  as we “move forward”.    Deagle anyone? but the situation is not hopeless if we work on our attitude reflected in today’s self-destructing paradigm. More of the same can and will not be the answer.

Amalgamation especially with those obvious hidden intentions is not the key since true cooperation starts working the moment we become conscious .

  • Amalgamation MUST include the rural district to be fair, because as a very certain proponent insist, any one coming to town use their roads, stores and facilities needs to pay,…….w.w..what?

The utterance of this gentlemen did let my yaw drop, not helped by some more undigested argument he produced. This from someone who obviously does not know that arguments need factual bases not some BS hearsay void of any logic.

Does this business chap realize he calls for highway robbery?  nothing else.

First off we Canadians have a constitutional right, only limited by Civil Law to travel on all public roads and ways. I say travel nor driving, there is an important difference to know.

If the lady of you family goes shopping to provide meals, if you buy stuff to fix your home or pay a bill in town as a living being you got all the right to do so without any guilt or shame.

The cost (TAXES) you pay to operate your vehicle more than offsets the cost of your wear or usage. Portions of revenue collected by higher governments  are redistributed and enter communities as transfer payment to equalize.

Driving on the other hand is legally considered a business activity, requiring one sticking to a set of acts and statutes, but even here are moneys exchanged in transaction to indirectly pay for used services.

This argument of this chap reflects a common void of understanding, the insistence not to  take in new information is part of the root of problems faced.

Think of it, Towns lust for more tourists to visit and spend, are happy when they do and here this pro amalgamist argues for transfer of extra funds (increased taxes after amalgamation) because rural people visit towns to spend most of their moneys in a continued fashion throughout the year; it did not sink in with him!                                                       I asked if I should rather frequent nearby Truro which is not much further in distance, to spend and buy there? he did not get it; but the local towns are dying, he kept pointing out repeatedly.

Well I agree, if you are watching carefully you may recognize trends to suck certain communities dry; absolutely correct, lots of examples around. Do you feel this too?

I make it a point to urge people to grasp political facts, suggest to move ones perception beyond the daily grit and try to understand hidden issues.

 If you follow struggles like the recent fight to keep school in River John at least maintained as a public center, the deceiving machinations of so called authorities. their uninformed or willing  ignorance about solutions and utter disregard to peoples needs and aspirations, a  darker more sinister motive can be suspected.

Well the UN through their different agencies has come up with plans and agendas.

Countries like Canada have signed on and voluntarily subscribed to those agendas, adopted policy guidelines in effect abandon sovereignty in certain jurisdictions, bypassing wishes and expectations of common Canadians. Many of our new made in Canada laws, acts, statutes, rules include exactly those hidden philosophies and building an ongoing limiting enclosure around you while we dream on.

Any basic research will show the inhuman qualities as lived up by UN, their elitist founding members and their (some pure evil eugenics) philosophies, their sponsors and close associates, armies of NGO’s, followers  and more or less ignorant applauding citizens who fall for their constant money begging , ribboned actions and a variety of  brainwashing techniques.

You can with a little bit of research determine how nefarious their agendas are, even if those are wrapped in pastel colored nice words and soft web pages.

Agenda 21 and in this instance related the abominable Codex Alimentarius, now updated called Agenda 2030 & 17 points etc targets us all with changes and strange limitations we would not agree to.

Introduced by the very  Institution of the RCC and his current head the Pope right in Washington US and UNO headquarter at the Rockefeller center, go figure.                                                                                                     Alarm bells should have gone up, but who of you followed this news last year, eh?

Their “change agents” acting open in public media albeit camouflaged directing topic discussions and cunningly constructing consensus; please google. (we prepare a library section with many relevant sources not just as links but in ready to read (copy) format)

Coming back to this uninformed gentleman; he kept spewing out in an embarrassing manner things he had no clue about while closing himself off to any factual information. Somehow, same technique as used by those Amalgamation proponents at a bit higher level.


Thanks sib


2 thoughts on “(newly updated #3) Cons and Pros of amalgamation in Pictou County and towns Part I

  1. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/01/13/amalgamation_brought_fewer_ontario_ cities_but_more_city_workers_report_finds.html
    https://beta.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/01/13/amalgamation_brought_fewer_ontario_cities_but_more_city_workers_report_finds.html this link seems to work (sib)

    copy and paste this in your browser for more details on the problems associated with Amalgamation and why Ontario is rejecting them ! This is not a new idea, and not a cure-all for economic malaise.

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    1. Thanks to you and B.K. sending the similar link, second one (beta) works for me here.

      My comment to this: old acquainted Problem, Reaction,Solution
      #politic actors respond to an perceived problem, often addressed and introduced by think tanks, change agents or other coincidental authority;
      #Public in lack of better understanding falls for it, some pressure is fomented, often massaged by NGO’s hidden agendas etc
      #new policies solidify into act, statutes, laws etc

      circuit is completed, seldom checked nor corrected for outcome and real obtained results.
      It appears that those results which require more tax payer funded assets are the goal. The relative ease to offset those with borrowed $$$ becomes the problem for the ones holding the bag but the horn of plenty for those driving this process


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