NGO’s to push Amalgamation even in Pictou County


$27 Mill Transfer from the next higher Government , wow!  A church mouse is less broke than the Nova Scotia Treasury.

No problem this is handled by the Dept for “Financing”, being short is pille palle

The next generations of Nova Scotians, not even born yet can deal with that one.

“Why not, none of us Government “Schreck”s are or will be in any way or shape a least bit liable. Sure we may not be reelected next time, so our friends in the fliflop party line up will carry on; more of the same!

Even when your next live vote is being interned into an urn, oh I should say ballot box for burial, so what !”

Increased Alzheimer and common disinterest will make remembering an unlikely issue to worry about. Do you expect different from politicians? really

Still going for Amalgamation?

like this very attractive young lady who writes (here in part) to a local Newspaper

“….To the Editor:
The Pulse Pictou County executive have taken the opportunity to learn about the proposed Pictou County amalgamation, aka “the MOU”, and I thought it would be useful to give my perspective and share my understanding of this issue. If you live here, or ever will, this affects you! There is a lot of misinformation out there, and now that the councils have approved the submissions and reports have been filed to the Utility and Review Board last week, information can now be more official and distributed. This is a complex issue, but here’s what I have learned:
There are four of the six municipal units ………..
….pride in us as one Pictou County, being leaders and making history to better our community.
Please take the time to read and research the facts and make an informed response when asked in May: “Do you support the four units amalgamating into one Pictou County?” A “YES” vote will be a vote for a brighter future for generations to come in our County.
Dr. Amanda Hill
New Glasgow
Pulse Pictou County

Read the whole letter at the Advocate if you like

I am sure those local PPC  (Pulse Pictou County) members are very nice and well meaning, who does not want a bit more progress.

Their organization, and it is speaking here, is called a Non Government  Organization and vector to push a political agenda, a targeted message and is a common tool to do just that exactly as intended.

To front this NGO with a beautiful Lady with medical credentials is optimal but does not hide the purpose of this letter. This is not to indicate any  bad intention but modus operandi of many organizations/NGO’s includes “need to know” set up  keeping some aspects in the dark to members. Political parties are a good example.  Digging little deeper will likely show connection to other networks whose agendas are not open in the view of  unsuspecting members and public either.

Most people like to believe the good in men; repetitively falling pry to all kinds of promises, propaganda and influences. Cui bono

Comb through the wording; techniques, initiated feeling/readers responses are predictable for such a letter.

Ignoring the carrier, it is plain propaganda since most Pictonians are worn by too many negative events as far as they look back and not in a mood to overwhelmingly accept the Amalgamation proposal. The forces who push this agenda, and I assume innocence of the local Representatives involved, know very well that they must force this through in any case. They need all the help, and it is very obvious who the local, provincial protagonist are.

Those hate the feeling of having to do the bidding of their higher up masters and being exposed if at the same time overruling  the voice of the people if they object.

Very indicative to call a vote an a proxy issue (MOU) not on the real thing, don’t you think?

Of course you may think everything is just hanky dory and wonder why  NSP, Westray, Trenton Work 1.0, 2.0 3.0 .. Pulp mill, Boat Harbor, bloated and busted project here and other areas, demise and destroying employment and Taxpayer funded assets . Sleep well then


Just coincidental, numerous written and publicized documents exist to explain strange agendas..

Again doing as programmed always produces the same  disappointing result.

Pawlow and his dog are closely related to “Statism” the world largest religion.

And if you think there are no alternatives to get us out of this mess, you can be pleasantly surprised that we actually have. You the reader are important element, your knowledge, your conciseness .

Yes those need a “government”, but not this we suffer under. No I am not talking religion here but some going back to roots we allowed to getting corrupted big time.

May be we could talk about what our original Constitution has to say; soon.


Do your research before hooting you horn for Amalgamation.


Be well friends and wake up


Listen to former US President G.Bush Sr speech (part) exactly 10 years prior to 911; a monumental date setting agendas onto a fast track


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