Bigger is better???


Please, can anyone state an implemented Amalgamation among any established Towns, Municipalities in Nova Scotia or other developed location in Canada which did in fact save operating cost to ratepayers, direct or indirect transfer payment from other tax or revenue producing  Government authority, and or provided essential improved benefits to the Inhabitants within that area ?

Cui bono or

Who and why is this being pushed with substantial funds from other sources?

Who benefits, what plan or agenda is being followed?

Promises and sleek talk but who pays in the end. That is you


Who is you out of the sight of ever wanting to grow Government.

You, that is everyone with an official looking identification piece like drivers license, SIN card or many other Government issued documents representing  a Person with Name in upper case letters and date of birth.

Here it gets really interesting, since you think of yourself as a living being able to think, speak and feel.

But any of those documents identifies you as something you may need to ponder about.

Corner puzzle piece #1

Please take a few minutes to watch this entertaining cartoon the Brits provided for us:


What has this to do with amalgamation, you may ask?

Stay tuned or advance on your own here

some of the words explained re   com mer ce>>> birth certificate









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